While that carpet that you wisely invested in has held strong over the past years, it’s known that nothing lasts forever. Based on rough calculations, the average lifespan of commercial carpet lasts seven years, with numerous factors either adding or subtracting to this life expectancy. While the industry standard sets a useful range of two to four decades, many professionals have accepted that this is not an accurate expectation. When it comes time to replace your company’s carpets, a lot of planning and budgeting will need to be done for replacements. As a top provider of carpet cleaning services in Kansas City, Crystal Clear Enterprises is here to help your business shine. Our commercial floor cleaning experts strive to exceed your high expectations with quality results at a quality price. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the notion of laying your old carpet to rest and the benefits that our floor cleaning services can provide.

Extending Carpet Capabilities

People notice when your building’s carpets are old and dingy. From that odd smell to the myriad of stains and damages, your flooring will definitely make an impression on employees and guests. While it may look like a trainwreck, your carpets may actually be able to provide further service. Get in touch with our professional carpet cleaning technicians today for an inspection. A deep clean and restoration may be possible to keep your flooring looking good and more money in your account. We will have to closely inspect the carpet, though, because it may not be worth the time and investment to restore carpet that cannot be beautified.

Avoiding Premature Replacement

One common nugget of knowledge about commercial carpeting is that it can be very costly. Because of this, it is vitally important to utilize your flooring investment until it is truly ready to retire. Otherwise, you may be throwing money away on prematurely purchasing new, costly fabrics! Some business owners claim that it is more economical to simply pay for the carpet, avoid professional maintenance, and simply replace it when it is time. Crystal Clear is here to state that proper carpet maintenance and care is far more cost-effective, prolonging your carpet’s demise for years. Our carpet cleaning services can give your Kansas City business a reliable shine that keeps your investment safe for years.

Matching Your Unique Business

Every business is different, with unique services, building structures, and requirements. Creating a customized maintenance plan is vital for ensuring visitor satisfaction concerning your building’s floors. Carpet care, in particular, is one service that should be left to the professionals. Finding a carpet company that is dedicated to the long-term success of your facility is helpful for creating clean, healthy floors that will sparkle for years and impress visitors in the process.

Crystal Clear is proud to have provided quality carpet cleaning services to Kansas City companies for the past 20 years. By focusing on customer satisfaction and optimal employee training, we are able to provide the best carpet cleaning services in Kansas City. Our laser focus on safety and quality ensures that your facilities are always clean and presentable. Contact us today to see what you can do for your building!