Most offices and businesses have people walking in and out its doors all through the day. And regardless of how many cleaners and janitors you hire to keep the workplace clean, all offices get dirty over and over again.

When the carpets and desks of offices are not regularly cleaned, they can accumulate within their crevices countless germs. These germs can negatively affect the health of your employees, decreasing productivity and increasing the chances of illnesses.

When you think about the dirtiest places in your office, the first place that would come to your mind would be the bathrooms. And while the bathrooms are definitely nasty germ carriers, there are a number of other places in the office that act as breeding houses for germs and escape common notice. Some of these are:

Keyboard and Mouse

Your employees are likely to be using their keyboards and mouse throughout the day. They’re also likely to be eating on their desks. The spaces between the keys of your keyboard can hold everything from dust and dirt to crumbs from the cookies you eat at your desk every day. These attract bacteria and when the same hands are used to hold food again, the bacteria enter your body and can make you and your employees sick.

A computer mouse is typically three times dirtier than the toilet seat of your office! It might be a good idea to keep hand sanitizer at the ready at your desk and make frequent use of it while working at your desk.

Buttons, Knobs and Handles

According to a research conducted in 2012, the dirtiest places in the office are actually located in the break room. Sink faucet handles, microwave and refrigerator handles, water fountain and vending machine buttons are among the top hoarders of all kinds of bacteria and germs.

This is because food residue is usually left on these items, which can attract any number of germs. These places are also usually overlooked during cleanings and can hold months’ worth of bacteria.

So, the next time you heat up your food, it might be a good idea to give the microwave handle a little scrub down before touching it with your bare hands.


Company phones come into contact with any number of hands and faces throughout the day. These can harbor disease causing germs which can find an easy way into your body when you lift the phone to your ear and open your mouth to speak through the headpiece.


The bathrooms of offices are definitely one of the dirtiest places in the building. Just imagining the number of people that use it every day is enough to gross anyone out. But with regular cleanings and the expertise of professional commercial cleaning services, the germs and bacteria in bathrooms and other areas of offices can be kept in control.

Keep your employees healthy with professional deep cleaning services

A good commercial cleaning service in Belton MO like Crystal Clear is sure to know of all these places that hold the most germs and bacteria, and are going to make sure to battle the dirtiest places in your office with their expertise and specialized cleaning equipment. Offering janitorial, carpet and floor cleaning services in multiple locations across Kansas and Missouri, Crystal Clear will leave your offices looking squeaky clean and reducing chances of sickness among your employees.