Some Of The Worst Carpet Stains You Should Not Neglect

Carpets are some of the most common items that are found in a household. They can enhance the aesthetic value of your home. However, you need to be careful around carpets.

There is always a possibility that you might end up spilling something on the carpet, which results in a stain. Some of these stains can be pretty tough to remove. Here is a look at some of the worst kinds of carpet stains:


Removing water-based stains is quite easy. However, this is not the case with coffee stains. You can scrub it as aggressively as you want but it will still leave behind a dark spot on your carpet, which cannot be easily removed.

Homeowners can use items like detergents in order to clean the carpet however, even that method is not always effective. It is best to consult a professional carpet cleaning company in such cases.


Ink usually comes in dark and bold colors as a result of which it is extremely tough to remove it from your carpet. You would need high-powered vacuum cleaners and extremely strong chemicals in order to remove these kinds of stains from the carpet.


Vomit stains on carpets are quite common especially after a party when you or one your friends have had too much o drink. Not only does it ruin the appearance of your carpet, it also creates an extremely bad smell.

Soaps and detergents will not help you get rid of this kind of smell. You will need to get your carpet deep cleaned.

Pet Urine

One of the most common types of stains that are found on carpets is pet urine. Like vomit stains, pet urine stains also result in an extremely bad smell, which does not easily go away.

As time passes, it becomes tougher to remove the stains. Therefore, make sure you remove them as quickly as possible.


Wine stains are quite tough to remove since the liquid is very thin and can easily pass through the carpet to the floor below. In addition to that, these types of liquids have very bright color because of which it is very tough to remove the stain from the carpet.

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