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Rugs are textile floor coverings that are widely used for decorative purposes in commercial and residential settings. They’re typically used to anchor the furniture and help unite the components of a room. They work best with hardwood floors and help define a space.

When you buy rugs, you want them to last you several years and not diminish in quality. When rugs are not efficiently maintained, they can acquire dust and dirt over time. This not only affects your indoor air quality, but it also shortens its lifespan.

If you’re new to rug cleaning, our top tips might be able to help you.

Here is a guide to prolonging your rug’s life:

Place your rugs in low traffic areas

In order to get the most out of your rugs, you might want to consider placing them in areas where large amounts of people are less likely to step on them. Placing it near your entrance area, for instance, will only make it acquire large heaps of dirt and dust.

Instead, consider putting your rug under your tables or any decoration pieces.

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Don’t wait on those spills

The longer you wait to combat spills on your rug, the higher the chances are of them becoming permanent and discoloring it—it’s basic science.

Don’t go about rubbing stains because this will only expand them. Blot them instead. Use high-quality detergents and cleaning sprays and avoid using harsh chemicals. Cleaning solutions with artificial scents should be avoided as well. If the stain on your rug is grease-based, a dishwashing detergent can be an easy DIY cleaning hack. Moreover, when it comes to solid waste and dirt, scrape it carefully instead of wetting it.

Rug Cleaning – Vacuum

One of the easiest cleaning methods, vacuuming, is something you cannot ignore when it comes to prolonging the lifespan of your rug.

Before vacuuming your rug, however, research your rug type as each might require a different vacuuming process. Find the pile direction of your rug first. Woven rugs, for instance, have heavy, thin, or no piles at all.

Avoid vacuuming the trimmings and fringes of the rug. A bonus tip would be to use an efficient rug pad. They help to prolong the lifespan of your rug and keep you from scratching the hardwood floor underneath.

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