Pets in the Office? 5 TipsFor Keeping Your Office Clean

A rising trend at workplaces in the past decade is the bringing of pets to work. Having pets at the office has proven to have benefits for employees such as improved stress, productivity and relationships. But with the benefits, there is also the big downside – pets can create an absolute mess.

So if you’ve kept a policy that allows your employees to bring their pets to work, keeping the office clean becomes even tougher—unless you leave that task to a commercial cleaning company.

Luckily, we have 5 tips that you can follow to keep your office squeaky clean.

Hair Removal

Animals will shed hair that much is inevitable. Duct tape, one of the most sticky and durable substances known to humankind, is an absolute godsend when it comes to removing pet hair. To use duct tape, all you have to do is wrap it around your head with the sticky side out and pat down any place you notice has hair. Guaranteed in a short time, the duct tape will have cleaned up near all the hair in the area.

Vacuum Clean

The best kind of action is preemptive action, and so it’s best to give your pets a cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. With time, your pet will get used to the vacuum process and it will end up saving your precious time spent on cleaning up hair using the duct tape method.

Carpet Choice

With pets at the office, having the right kind of carpet to accommodate all the fluids is a must. Choose a carpet with stain protection and no moisture absorption in order to make it easier to clean. Carpets that allow absorption of moisture will lead to a foul smelling carpet in time but if that does happen….

Neutralize the Smell

Out of the many pet products available on the market, enzymes that can eliminate pet odors are considered among the best. Depending on the contents they can be used on all kinds of materials, and will stave off the smell for quite a while, but the final solution to odor is hiring a carpet cleaning company ever once in a while to give your office a complete cleaning.

Carpet Protector

If you’re not intent on maintaining the office carpentry or furniture regularly, you can simply set down a carpet protector on these in order to repel any pets as they find these to be uncomfortable.

Following our tips, you should be able to keep your office clean while still allowing employees to bring in their beloved animals.

Of course, these kinds of measures are only temporary and eventually you will need to hire professional janitorial services to help with your office space cleaning. If you are looking for such services, call us at (816) 763-3353 and make arrangements to keep your office clean.