1. Benefit From Our Commercial Cleaning Services

    These days, it seems that anybody with the right equipment and a van can say that they offer professional cleaning services, yet few deliver when your business’ reputation is on the line. As a business owner or property manager, it is essential for you to find a commercial cleaning company with the tools and training to get the job done right. Crystal Clear Enterprise is here to serve as your source for quality janitorial services across Kansas City. Our team receives the best training and support to be able to deliver the highest level of care to you, the customer.

    As our infographic above points out, there are many benefits you can expect from professional office cleaning services. When you are finished reading this post, be sure to call our team to receive an evaluation for your property!

    Improve Your Company’s Curb Appeal

    First impressions are everything for businesses, so be sure your establishment is spotless to ensure the best results. The human eye is trained to notice problems such as dirt and disrepair, signaling to the brain that caution should be taken. Our commercial cleaning services serve to create a spotless outcome for your facility that as consistent and it is comprehensive. Instead of worrying about the state of your facility before a big meeting or event, instead turn to the Crystal Clear team for a spotless outcome!

    Cleaner Outcomes Equate to Better Experiences

    Our team works hard to create a personalized care plan to ensure the best fit for your facility. We as humans enjoy neat, tidy spaces, so be sure you take the time to invest in janitorial services that will meet your unique facility needs. Hospitals, banks, and other establishments hold vastly different office cleaning demands, which is why the Crystal Clear team’s experience is unbeatable in the industry.

    Healthy Inhabitants are Happy Inhabitants

    Studies show that cleaner work environments lead to healthier employees. If your facility is full of dust, dander, mold, or any other irritants, a toll may be taken on your employees’ and guests’ health. Buildings with high levels of airborne toxins exhibit “sick building symptoms,” an invasive problem that can affect many of your employees. Our commercial cleaning company strives to deliver the best outcome for our clients, and our team will work diligently to clean the air in your facility. The result is often healthier employees, which are both happier and more productive. A win-win!

    Our Services Are Scalable and Affordable

    All of our cleaning services are scalable to match your needs and your budget. We understand that running a business means that you need to balance the complex spectrum of products and services. Crystal Clear Enterprise can work with businesses of all sizes to find the perfect care plan, whether that includes specialty services or customizing the coverage to save on costs. Rooms such as facility closets, for example, are much less time-intensive in terms of cleanliness compared to hallways or waiting rooms. Our team is ready to provide office cleaning services tailored to meet your needs, so be sure to contact us for a consultation today!

    Enhanced Safety Results

    Our team is highly trained to inspect for any hazards within your facility. Regular cleaning services serve as the time for our janitors to check for any dangerous issues or areas in need of additional service. Our proactive approach to comprehensive facility care ensures that your building is safe from tripping hazards, fire code violations, and more. Not sure about the quality of your current conditions? We can help!

    Comprehensive Facility Care

    From full-scale floor care services to painting, lawn maintenance, and more, our professional cleaning team strives to deliver the highest level of care for each of our clients. Our commercial cleaning company helps Missouri businesses of all types find success, and our versatile training programs and available staff members ensure that you are fully satisfied with the versatility of our services.

    Crystal Clear Enterprise is dedicated to providing clear benefits for your business. We proudly provide the best janitorial services to Kansas City and beyond, relying on the best training and comprehensive care for quality on every job. Contact us today to learn more and to receive an estimate for your facility’s needs!

  2. Carpet Cleaning Tips from Pros

    As a business company, taking care of routine workplace housekeeping chores is a part of the job. An unclean office environment translates into overall poor performance. But cleaning out carpets in a commercial area can get quite challenging.

    Not only is there more space to clean, many people walking on the carpet daily can lead to faster wear and tear. Despite your best efforts at handling the situation, your carpet is going to be an eventual victim to spills and ‘Oops Moments.’  

    We have compiled a list of pro tips and tricks of the trade to help you smoothly sail through the seas of carpet grime. Carpet cleaning need not be taxingly eventful for the entire office. With these simple cleaning tips from the pros, getting rid of germs can be a trouble-free task for everyone.

    Regular vacuuming is essential to maintaining carpet hygiene, according to a lot of experts. Remove the buildup of dirt and grit from the carpet by vacuuming it daily. Bonus tip: vacuum in several different directions instead of moving your vacuum in one direction. This will lead to faster removal of dust.


    Stain removal, if left unchecked, can be a noxious nuisance that you’ll have to deal with in the future. The more prompt you are in removing stains, the easier they will be to clean.

    There are a variety of smelly, unsightly stains that can mar the beauty of your carpet. These can be anything from wine stains to ink stains. There is also what we like to call, ‘orphan stains’; they just show up out of nowhere!   

    So to remove a wine stain, experts recommend dabbing the area with white wine. It will help neutralize the red wine, causing the stain to vanish. You can use vinegar to remove white wine stains. Baking soda also does wonders for stain removal. You can use a cloth soaked with hydrogen peroxide to get rid of pesky stains as well.

    The golden rule of stain removal is: blot, don’t rub! Never vigorously rub a stain as it can lead to premature breakdown of the carpet fiber. Instead, gently blot the affected area.

    Walk-off mats should be used to keep outside dirt from making its way inside the office. Professionals suggest placing doormats in front of office doors to ensure that employees don’t track mud on the carpet.

    Professional help should be relied on for most of the heavy-duty carpet cleaning.  At work, you don’t have time to figure out stain-removing strategies. So hand over your troubles to us if you want quality carpet cleaning in Kansas City.

    Over here at Crystal Clear Enterprises, we provide excellent commercial carpet cleaning and make sure that your office carpets are in good hands.  

    We’re sure the pros and cons of bonnet cleaning and rotary shampoo cleaning don’t usually come up during water cooler conversations. So contact us at (816) 763-3353 to help you keep your carpets clean.

  3. Is Your Facility Manager Falling for Cheap Janitorial Bids?

    Managers are given tight schedules and budget constraints to maintain commercial facilities.

    But to meet tight budgets, you might be falling for low quality services or a hoax commercial cleaning service.

    With increasing employee health care budgets, wages, economic uncertainty, and several business risks, janitorial budgets suffer major cuts.

    But this does not mean that you need to keep a dirty building or hire an unsatisfactory cleaning company. The cleaning industry has advanced; various jobs have become automated requiring less labor, effort, and cost. This means you can hire a trustworthy cleaning company that can design a cleaning plan according to your budget.

    As a manager, you need to learn about cleaning services that are essential for your business at cost-effective price range. Here are some things you need to look out for in your cleaning service provider.

    Transparent Pricing Strategy

    Bids and quotation that have no link to the office space, area covered, type of building, and number of hours, should be avoided. Hiring a company at double rates is worse than hiring an average company at cheaper rates. Make sure you are aware of the pricing mechanism of your cleaning service provider.

    Steer Clear of Cheap Bids

    In your search for the best janitorial services in North Kansas City, you will come across the industry average. Use this average as a benchmark to measure the affordability of a cleaning company.

    If you come across a cleaning bid that’s too good to be true, consider the reasons behind this more than affordable price point.

    It’s likely that the bid is from a newer company that is using your facility as a training platform.

    Another reason can be hidden charges and fees that are deceivingly left out of the contract to blindside you. Lastly, low rates can be a result of illegal or fraudulent hiring of employees. Therefore, be very cautious with these tempting price points.

    Unlawful Hiring Process to Support Cheaper Price Point

    To gain customers, some cleaning companies follow illegal practices when hiring employees.

    They do not find it necessary to run background checks or a drug test on their employee, which leads to hiring of janitors that have no work permits, legal authorization, or clean record. This can put your business security at risk and even cause property damage due to lack of experience.

    Focus on Quality Service Providers

    Look for a cleaning company that follows a customer-centric approach and provides customized cleaning plans for all type of buildings.

    Make sure they follow an ethical hiring process and offer training to all their employees. In addition to this, avoid companies that hire a third-party contractor to do the job, as this hampers quality.

    Lastly, hire a company that has a transparent price mechanism for all their services like, Crystal Clear Enterprise Inc.

    We provide customized plans for your cleaning facility at affordable rate, meeting all industry standards. You can benefit from one or all of our services: floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, and janitorial services, according to your budget constraints.

    Our induction program consists of a 90-days basic training program to make our employees ready for their first project. Our clients are managed by a sophisticated AMS and CRM software that helps us keep track of employees and client’s queries.

    You can call (816)763-3353 to book an appointment or get a free quote of our dependable services.

  4. Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Low Moisture Cleaning vs. Hot Water Extraction

    Routinely subjected to heavy foot traffic and coffee and soda spills, office carpets can easily develop signs of wear – patches of discoloration and stains that exhibit an aura of invincibility and stubbornness, simply refusing to go away.

    And it’s not just the cosmetic issue with them, as office carpets get dirty—and are left dirty—  they become a natural habitat for microbes, mites and insects. This makes the environment unhealthy for your office staff, leaving them lethargic and sick. No, it’s not always about Monday blues!

    So, what should you do in case your office carpet starts showing signs of wear?

    Get it professionally cleaned. Even the Carpet and Rug Institute acknowledges the importance of getting your carpet professionally cleaned, and recommends you should do so every 12 or 18 months.  

    When you approach a commercial carpet cleaning service, you are introduced to plethora of options, each offering advantages of their own. As such, you might find yourself asking which carpet cleaning method to go with…

    The Most Popular Carpet Cleaning Method

    Low moisture cleaning and hot water extraction are the two most popular and common carpet cleaning methods employed for commercial carpets. Therefore, we would be limiting our discussion to the two.

    What is low moisture cleaning?

    Low moisture carpet cleaning is a carpet cleaning method known for its water conservation technology and quick drying time. It comprises of several steps.  

    In the first step, the carpet is vacuumed with the help of an industrial vacuuming system. This agitates the fibers and loosen any entrapped debris. In the next step a mild strength cleaner and disinfectant is lightly misted onto the carpet and the agents can work for few minutes. The cleaner-disinfectant mixture breaks down stains so that they can be easily removed.

    Once the operator is assured that all stains have been broken down, the carpet surface is then cleaned with the help of an orbital machine. In the last step, carpet fibers are raked up with the help of a carpet rake, to restore the feel and look of a carpet.

    Advantages: As previously stated, water conservation and quick drying time are the primary advantages that low moisture carpet cleaning has to offer. In addition to these, it is also one of the most environmental friendly way to clean commercial carpets.      

    What is hot water extraction?

    Hot water extraction is a type of carpet cleaning method that uses high pressured hot water, mixed with a cleaning solution (present in very little amount), to deeply clean the carpet.

    The high temperature and pressure of water agitate the carpet fibers and effectively washes away the surface and sedimentary dust particles. Two different types of machines are used to shoot the water onto the carpet, depending on the application. A truck mount extractor is used where greater power is required and a portable extractor is used to reach places, otherwise inaccessible with a truck mount extractor.  

    Advantage: Hot water extraction method serves as the most effective carpet cleaning method, allowing easy removal of even the stubborn of stains. Since it uses very little to no chemical, it also helps to prolong the life of a carpet.

    As can be seen, both carpet cleaning methods are effective and offer advantages of their own. As such, the selection should be made based on which option best serves your needs and budget.

    A BONUS read: How to pick a commercial carpet cleaning company?

  5. 5 Signs Your Office Carpet Needs Professional Cleaning

    A classy carpet or rug can completely transform your office. They add a sophisticated look to your facility, reduce noise pollution, and provide sufficient insulation from cold.

    Hence, neglecting them is a great offence. Your office carpets may be housing dust, dirt and multiple allergens. You may even have scheduled a daily vacuuming service, but with time, your carpets require deep professional cleansing.  

    Here’re some signs that determine it’s time to schedule a detailed commercial carpet cleaning.

    Sign no.1: Traffic Tracks on Your Carpet

    If you can see visible track marks on your carpet, it’s time to schedule a professional cleaning. The carpet’s fibers sustain wear and tear daily, which makes them saturated with dust, dirt, grime, and oil.  Once the fibers have reached its saturation point, you will start noticing obvious traffic marks on your carpets.

    Sign no.2: Discoloring Patches on Your Carpet

    Your carpet may appear fine on the surface, but underneath, there are a lot of wear and tear in process. If you start noticing discolored patches on your carpet, it’s time for deep cleaning. Remember, if you neglect this problem, you might even have to replace your carpet.

    Sign no.3: Carpet Odor

    Odor emitting from the carpet is not only unsanitary, but can transform into an office epidemic. With time, dander, dirt, molds, bacteria and allergens accumulate within the layers of your carpet, which creates an odor problem in the office.

    Sign no.4: Stained Surface

    If you have placed a waste basket over a ketchup stain on your carpet, you are due for a professional cleaning. If you leave stains untreated, they become stubborn and with time they start emitting odor and make your carpet prone to molds. If you have a stubborn stain on your carpet, get it removed.

    Sign no.5: Water Damage

    Water can damage fabric, causing your carpet to become delaminated. When water damage is left untreated can further cause mold and must in your carpet. Water damage can occur from a leak in the water lines or extremely high humidity.

    Commercial buildings need to be free of dust mites and molds; a dirty carpet can tarnish the structural integrity of your office.

    Call (816)763-3353 for a complete carpet cleaning package from Crystal Clear Enterprise Inc.

    Our commercial carpet cleaning include hot water extraction, bonnet cleaning, low moisture cleaning, dry cleaning, rotary shampoo cleaning.

    Apart from this, we have a fleet of highly trained staff that performs floor cleaning, janitorial services, specialty services.

  6. Why Your Business Needs Professional Janitorial Service

    You may be the best insurance service provider, showcasing hundreds of industry awards and certificates on that wall…

    You may be a personal injury lawyer with a reputation to have clients compensated with more than they expect..

    Or you could be the owner of a global chain of fast-food restaurants… wondering where you went wrong and where did all the clients go?

    Ever wondered how the lack of hygiene and cleanliness could be putting your business at a loss?

    Maintaining a clean facility be it an office or a restaurant is crucial to business success.

    Imagine customers walking into your store, tiles and carpets faded with accumulating in them— most of the people wouldn’t even walk in to a shop which seems dirty at the entrance only. A considerable 95 percent of shoppers say the exterior of a shop influences their buying decisions.

    Here’s why you should consider hiring professional janitorial services for your office:

    First Impression Is the Last Impression

    Millennials make up the largest number of customers today, and we know they can be aggressively brand-loyal – that is if they actually turn over to your business. If you give your customers one reason to think poorly of your business they are most likely to go somewhere else.


    Anything less than a sparkly clean environment will be a major turn off for your customers, not only this but they might spread the word amongst friends and family. Next thing you know, a PR disaster which, as we have seen in the not so distant past, can destroy your business overnight.

    Health Is Wealth

    A dirty office environment can to lead to several health issues for employees and customers. Dirt doesn’t need to be visible for your office to be carrying hazardous germs, bacteria and allergens. If your employees are subjected to these allergens for a an extended period, it can be particularly problematic for their health.


    To combat such issues always hire cleaning professionals who have a solid track record. Experienced cleaners realize the importance of eliminating not just visible dirt or dust but they also make sure that they leave your facility completely safe for everyone.

    Time is Money

    Hiring professional cleaners saves you time and money both, you can schedule their services to match your. For instance schedule them for after hours so that your office will be empty and when your staff and customers step in next day they will find it clean and no inconvenience will come to anyone. Your early customers will be pleased to see a clean facility as well your employees will not be disturbed and productivity will increase due to clean workspace.

    If you are still wondering if hiring a professional janitorial service is the correct choice for your business, call Crystal Clear in Kansas City, Missouri. We will be pleased to go over your requirements and develop a personalized plan to get you the finest achievable professional janitorial service for a great price.

  7. What To Look For In A Janitorial Service

    What To Look For In A Janitorial Service

    Janitorial services play an important role in keeping workplaces clean, safe and healthy for its employees. Clean offices or building breeds positive environments and portrays a good impression on visitors and occupants.

    For professional infrastructure like small businesses and large enterprise, it is necessary that cleaning services are hired to get the desired cleaning that complies with regulation and industry standards. (more…)

  8. 5 Signs Your Office Carpet Is Due For A Professional Clean Up

    5 Signs Your Office Carpet Is Due For A Professional Clean Up Carpet adds a unique appeal to your commercial facility; it tones down the professional setting of your office lobby and completes the trendy-office-look with a bit of comfort and style.

    But with time—and excessive foot traffic—your carpet sustains damage that calls for a professional clean-up. (more…)

  9. Is Your Facility Manager Falling For Cheap Janitorial Bids?

    Is Your Facility Manager Falling For Cheap Janitorial Bids?

    Managers are given tight schedules and budget constraints to maintain commercial facilities. But in order to meet tight budgets, you might be falling for low quality services or a hoax commercial cleaning service in Edwardsville KS.

    With increasing employee health care budgets, wages, economic uncertainty, and several business risks, janitorial budgets suffer major cuts.

    But this does not mean that you need to keep a dirty building or hire an unsatisfactory cleaning company. The cleaning industry has advanced; various jobs have become automated requiring less labor, effort, and cost. This means you can hire a trustworthy cleaning company that can design a cleaning plan according to your budget.

    As a manager, you need to learn about cleaning services that are essential for your business at cost-effective price range. Here are some things you need to look out for in your cleaning service provider. (more…)

  10. 5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Janitorial Services

    5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Janitorial Services

    Shiny floors and sparkling windows are the center of attraction of your building. As a facility manager, you want to keep the cost down while keeping your building in optimal condition. To achieve this objective, you may have considered outsourcing your janitorial services multiple times.  But is outsourcing the correct choice for you? (more…)