1. Benefits of Cleaning

    Benefits of Cleaning Image 07042016The benefits of cleaning your indoor space or places of livability are plenty, and we all know that, and yet, we can’t seem to pay as much attention to that as we should. As human beings, not only does a clean working space or home provide you with an ample amount of relief but the advantages are psychological too, rather than just being merely restricted to physical benefits.

    Let’s face it; the environment in which we currently reside in or work heavily influences our mood and productivity. It’s like saying that ambiance is what truly matters.

    Here are some benefits of a neat and clean indoor space for work, pleasure, and recreation that would make you an avid follower of healthier and cleaner environment.

    Encourages Productivity

    Working in a dirty, smelly and unhealthy environment or living in a shelter that is hardly gone through a good series of old household cleaning can make one’s life dull, boring and highly disorganized. Hence, it is essential that one follow a healthy cleaning regime to ensure their areas of work and living spaces are maintained well. This would not only make them smell good but look good as well, and since humans are largely ruled by emotions and feelings over their actions, a clean space would foster productivity and positivity.

    Promotes a Healthier Lifestyle

    When people find themselves in a place where everything is spick and span, all clean and shiny, then the urge to become part of a more sophisticated and healthier life style is naturally triggered. The vice versa holds true too. Living in an unhealthy and disorganized space would naturally lead to a poor standard of living. It has got to do with the senses which have accustomed to using ever since our births. The smell, look, and feel of things influence how we see the world. It promotes positivity while at the same time can lead to destructive behavior if things blow out of proportions.

    Improves Cognitive Abilities and Lowers Stress

    Ever wonder what stress does to you if it is allowed to carry on and you can’t break away from it? The bitter truth about stress is that not only does it eat away at your mind’s ability to rationalize things in an adequate manner but it is also harmful for your bodily functions and mechanisms as well. Many renowned artist, singers, actor and international entertainers often take a break from their hectic schedules to relax in serine and calm outdoors or environments. This allows them to stay fresh and rejuvenate their spirits which enables them to produce masterpieces in their own right. Your home and working environment can also provide the same benefits to you as long as it is properly cleaned, making you feel good in the end.

    Apart from the fact that a clean environment does a lot for your mental and physical wellbeing, it also offers a brighter and more attractive setting for the future. Imagine walking into a room with piles of dirt and stuff thrown here and there; most people would like to get out of the place before they get tired of the place suffocating them. Now imagine having a place that is all clean and tidied up, and things will automatically look much brighter than before. This is kind of place where one can actually get more out of the place in terms of creativity, better ideas, all while elevating the mood.

    The benefits of a cleaning your place are for those who really want to reap the fruits from the seeds of healthier and cleaner actions in their past and present life. It does take some effort to get things done right, but the outcomes are tremendously satisfying.

  2. The Myths Of Cleaning Carpets

    dreamstime_8494200When it comes to carpet cleaning services, the world is full of inaccurate and unfounded myths. Many misconceptions we see are based on outdated carpet technologies and continual misinformation. Crystal Clear has the experience and training to cut through the fog and efficiently accomplish the job. We are your carpet cleaning services authority in the Kansas City area. Today, we’ll check into some of these myths and hopefully enlighten customers in the process!

    • Cleaning carpets too often can shorten the carpet’s lifespan.

      • False. Today’s modern carpets are designed to withstand the processes of deep cleaning and vacuuming. The opposite claim can be true. Cleaning your carpets will remove dirty, hair, and grime, all of which damage your carpets. Got pets? Your carpets are in desperate need of proper cleaning. The spacing between carpet cleaning can actually shorten the longevity of your carpet!
    • After the first cleaning, your carpet will collect dirt faster.

      • Wrong. Historically this did happen, but in today’s sophisticated society we live much more efficient lives. Today’s chemicals (along with our professionals) will not leave a sticky residue lurking in your carpet once the cleaning has occurred. In the days of old, freshly cleaned carpets could absorb and hold onto dirt much easier.
    • Carpets that look fairly clean do not need floor cleaning services.

      • Not right. Like we mentioned previously, your carpet will hold a variety of dirty materials. Even if your carpet looks decent, the dirt hiding below the surface can grind up the base of your carpet, compromising its long-term health. Not cleaning your fabrics can lead to shorter carpet lifespans and decreased stain protection.
    • Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company isn’t necessary.

      • Untrue. While performing your own cleaning rituals may be a good option for cleaning stains and obvious issues, in the long run a professional is needed. The ratio of water to extraction can be off when not done by a trained professional. It’s nothing personal – we just want to ensure the best for your carpets. Our skills and technology will ensure your carpet is cleaned right, every time.

    Professional carpet cleaning can be a tricky business. Luckily, Crystal Clear is here to cut through the nonsense. Carpet cleaning myths can be both unfounded and harmful. We offer top-quality carpet cleaning services in Kansas City. Our dedication to quality and punctuality will definitely meet or exceed your janitorial expectations. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service, too. You can visit our website now to receive an estimate for your commercial cleaning needs. Don’t let your carpets fade, contact us today!

  3. Kansas City Cleaning Services

    The biggest hassle large organizations face in their workplace and office environments is efficiently cleaning it. Given the size of their premises, or the size of the team, it’s often difficult to consistently ensure a clean space for employees every day. As a result, companies opt for Commercial Cleaning Services.Commercial Cleaning Service Image 06272016

    By hiring professional janitorial services or contractually outsourcing the work, companies ensure that the task is handled by a trained staff. This not only outsources the responsibilities of cleaning the workspace, and the task of managing the workforce, but also reduces the cost of hiring and managing an in-house team.

    Here are some benefits of hiring commercial cleaners for your office, to aid you make a more informed decision as well as a strong case for outsourcing the work.

    Superior Focus and Lesser Stress for Management

    A productive workplace is all about managing work and meeting deadlines so at times you have to be at the tip of your toes to answer the call for any new assignments from supervisors. However, if personnel themselves indulge in tidying up the place, then they would lose focus on their core competencies.

    By hiring a janitorial service or commercial cleaning service, your organization completely shifts the responsibility and hassle of handling mundane work such as cleaning office equipments and utensils apart from the working environment. A clean office is integral to improving focus, and the fact of the matter that there are already professionals available for the job to hire, and it makes perfect business sense to outsource the task.

    Encourages High Employee Morale

    Productive work environments make work enjoyable. They ensure that the worker’s morale remains high, and that they are enthusiastic about coming work and committing their energies to aiding the company achieve its goals. A clean and inviting office space is integral to improving employee morale.

    A cleaning service provider ensures that the office is cleaned early in the day, hence, there is a high probability that once you enter your workplace the first thing that greets you is clean and neat working space. This would ensure a positive flow of energy at work making the workplace a better and happier.

    Enhanced and Improved Impressions by Clients and Stakeholders

    First impression are hard to forget and since the business world is all about marketing your business. Your office should look spic and span for valued guest, and potential clients and deal makers who often visit the place. A neat, clean, and tidy workplace will elevate your current status to good and cherished books of your clients, prospects, deal makers and guest at work.

    If you are looking for professional janitorial services for your commercial establishment, feel free to get in touch with us.

  4. Crystal Clear Janitorial Services

    Janitorial Service Image 06202016Keeping the look of your office or home clean and organized is vital to keep the place looking fresh and alive. Regularly cleaning the place on your own can be a  daunting task, and this is where professional janitorial services are deemed highly proficient in making your workplace and residential space clean, neat, and fresh. However, as with any other service, there comes a wide variety of options to choose from.

    Let’s take a quick look at the different janitorial services that lie under the broad margin of cleaning services:

    #1 Residential and Commercial Cleaning

    This kind of service is particularly suited for big houses that are way too ominous for residents to clean by themselves. They also offer services to large offices and commercial buildings. Whether it’s for commercial or residential purpose, janitorial services provide quick access to experts and resources that can make good use of time and provide you the best of cleaning services available in the market to clean your offices and homes.

    #2 Carpet and Upholstery

    Professional carpet cleaners ensure proper treatment, sanitization, and deodorizing of your carpets and offer a quick turn round time. They deploy specialized  pools, machines and products required to do the job.

    On the other hand, for the best furniture cleaning some service providers also provide ‘Steam Cleaning’. Machines like ‘heated extractors’ and others are used by professional cleaners to make sure that their client gets the best results. This may include focus on different issues, equipment and focus on task specific services.

    #3 Vehicle and Transportation Services

    There are some companies out there that specialize in cleaning your cars and other modes of transport. These special services for cleaning vehicles used for transportation carry immense value to some as a properly cleaned vehicle is at times most desirable then the journey made by it. Vehicle and Transportation Services might include the following in their portfolio of services offered:

    • Car Detailing Services
    • Private Jet Services
    • RV Cleaning Service

    #4 Crime Scene Services

    These are specialized services which require adequate amount of experience and intelligence on part of the service provider as well. Experts dealing in this line of  cleaning services must follow rigorous guidelines and apply specialized instruments on the scene to get rid of biological waste and other pungent materials. These select few are highly professional and well trained when it comes to dealing with the law and local social control panels.

    #5 Medicinal Cleaning Services

    Focused on killing germs and making sure that environment is healthier for work and play both, this kind of service providers make sure that infections are kept under control always. This is done through proper disinfection via an infection control plan and uses advance protocols for reducing disease transmissions.

    Medicinal Cleaning Service providers excel in cleaning health care facilities as well. Professionals are trained to deliver quality cleaning programs for medical institutes. They might use scientifically advanced odor and germ eliminating chemicals designed for clinical environments.

  5. How Long to Dry?


    That when you have your carpet professionally cleaned it can take as little as one hour to dry — and, according to some reports, as long as THREE DAYS to dry?

    According to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC, the certifying body for professional carpet cleaners, carpet should take about six to eight hours to dry, and never longer than 24 hours to dry because after that amount of time, microbial growth (like mold and mildew) can begin to grow.

    No one wants that!

    This is why you need a complete carpet cleaning system that guarantees your carpet is dry fast. How fast? It depends on the carpet type you have and also the weather conditions the day you have your carpet cleaned.

    Sad to say, some experience really long drying times when they have their carpet cleaned. Who knows why this happens, except that it never should happen!

    One thing is for sure, having your carpet cleaned should be a pleasant experience and after it is clean, you should be able to get back onto the carpet and back to a normal family routine quickly. Some companies don’t have the powerful cleaning machines necessary for doing the best work, and some don’t have the training they should.

    When you have your carpet cleaned, or your furniture or hard floors like wood, granite, marble and all the different surfaces you may have, you deserve complete satisfaction and the best cleaning you will ever see.

    Remember: Clean and dry – that’s the goal! 

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  6. A Weekend Lost

    You work hard all week and look forward to the weekend, a time to relax and enjoy family and friends (but you still have to mow the grass!)

    But, sometime during the week, you look down. You aren’t happy with the condition of the carpet. So you make a decision to rent a do-it-yourself carpet cleaning machine from your local grocery store. That’s right… you are going to clean your own carpet. Your goal this weekend is to create a nice, fresh and clean carpet and enjoy a healthier home.

    Friday evening arrives. Off you go to your grocery store and you find yourself in front of a bunch of do-it-yourself cleaning machines and the various cleaning solutions available. There are products to put on the carpet before you clean it. There are products to put in the machine with the water. There are other types of products for all kinds of spots and stains. Still others for pet odors. You aren’t sure which ones you will need, so you grab a selection of them and take them to the front of the store to pay.

    At the register, while paying for the daily rental of the carpet cleaning machine, you discover the cost of all those cleaning products is about what you spend on food for the family for an entire week. But you aren’t deterred!  You are going to clean your carpet. Nothing will stop you.

    So you go home with all your cleaning stuff and get started. It takes all your Saturday and, sad to say, part of your Sunday as well. It’s backbreaking work. You had no idea what sweating was really like. Yet… it looks pretty good when you are done. The bad part is it takes a few days to dry and you yell at the kids to not walk on the carpet. Maybe you thought they could float over it?

    Within two weeks, though, the carpet starts to look worse than before it was cleaned. Uh oh… what happened?

    You didn’t call your carpet cleaning pro! You know, those who have the training and the very best equipment and cleaning solutions to get the job done right.

    Don’t ruin another weekend. Do the smart thing and hire a professional to do what he does best: Clean your carpet.

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  7. Value of a Clean Workplace

    Value of Clean Work Place Image 06132016

    A productive workplace demands focus, dedication, commitment, and efficiency along with effectiveness from employees. All of this is affected by how cluttered or clean the working environment is. Having a neat and clean workplace can benefit employees in many ways. Here are some of the most notable impacts of a clean workplace.

    #1 Improved Morale

    Generally, a room where things are piled up, or where dust has assimilated on work stations, would put any enthusiastic employee into a bad mood. A cleaner working space actually gives a positive vibe to the person at work, boosts morale, and helps remain focused on the task at hand. When we work in a clean and tidy place, our objectives and goals also become much clearer, making it easier to work.

    #2 Preserves Office Equipment and Assets

    Your office productivity is dependent on the equipment and assets you use. A clean office environments ensures that your office equipment and assets spick and span so as to maintain their functionality and retain their lifespan. When you allow dust and debris to pile up on your office equipment, there is a high probability that they would require repairs and might need replacement in some cases as well. This would increase daily running expenses for any entrepreneur and hence cause profits to subside considerably.

    By opting for janitorial and commercial cleaning services you not only ensure a clean office, but also ensuring that your office assets and equipment remain durable for a longer period of time.

    #3 Enhances Performance and Productivity

    Research shows that working in a neat and clean office increases the productivity by up to 8%. To put it into perspective, a manufacturing plant where every worker’s target is, let’s say 1000 units, goes up to 1080 units. Additionally, cleanliness decreases absenteeism by 46%. Hence, without doubt a clean workplace not only makes waves for better performance but also increase your output as whole, therefore enhances productivity.

    #4 Improves First Impression and Self-Image

    A clean working environment is crucial for creating a good first impression for new candidates, clients, and business stakeholders. A clean workplace markets professionalism, and allows employees to feel at home at work and connect with their job. A dirty and unclean workplace, on the other hand, can dampen your image and make you lose face in front of important people.

    #5 Reduced Stress and Cost

    It’s a fact that an unclean workspace causes lots of distraction for employees and as a person responsible for managing employee morale and productivity, you would never want that to happen. Additionally, an unclean workspace can also become hazardous to employee health, as well as increase clutter and disorganization. All of this leads to increased costs and hassled of managing the workspace.

  8. The Myth of the Vacuum

    You would be hard pressed not to find this noisy, electrical and often-underused mechanical device in any  home, apartment or business.

    What is it? The vacuum cleaner. You know, that silent sentinel in your closet that comes to life when you plug it in and push the power button, and it buzzes all over the carpet as you chase it around the house.

    The problem with the vacuum cleaner is we trust it too much. No, we’re not saying you shouldn’t vacuum your carpet. You should vacuum once per week per occupant, on average, for the main areas. You might vacuum the bedrooms less frequently. We all know that proper vacuuming is important in caring for the carpet.

    But some feel that vacuuming the carpet is equal to carpet cleaning. That’s a myth and it is simply not true. Professional carpet cleaning removes so much more than a vacuum can remove. Yet it has been reported that consumers feel that frequent vacuuming removes the dust and grime from their floors and they can either skip or prolong regular carpet cleaning.

    That’s not the case.

    A good vacuum, no matter how powerful or advanced, removes only dry soil. The stuff that is tracked in every day and should be removed every day, as well. Vacuums don’t remove the sticky, greasy soil stuck to the carpet fibers. You need professional cleaning to remove those soils.

    Compare this to washing your car with a dry rag… or brushing your hair and skipping the shower and shampoo… or — well, you get the point. You need quality cleaning, deep carpet cleaning, to get your carpet thoroughly cleaned.

    Do yourself a favor. Keep that vacuum cleaner working, use it all the time, but also use your professional carpet cleaning pro. He knows what it takes to remove ALL the dirt!

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  9. Making Better Decisions When Buying Carpet


    You are shopping for new carpet, perhaps just a few rooms. Two of the rooms are bedrooms, which don’t get as much foot traffic as the entryway, living room and hallway you also need to replace. It’s been nearly 10 years since you had new carpet.

    You go to a local carpet retail store. The carpet salesman has a great deal for you: A virtually stain-proof carpet with vibrant colors and also soft to the touch. You put your fingers into the carpet pile and love how it feels. You order the carpet for all the rooms you need to replace.

    In a week or two, on the scheduled installation day, you remove all the furniture from the rooms and the installation pros show up and remove the old carpet and pad and put in the new.

    It looks great!

    A year later, when you decide it’s time to have the carpet cleaned, your carpet cleaning pros show up and do a great job removing the dirt. Even the spots come right out! However, there is a “worn” area in the living room and down the hallway, but not in the bedrooms. You ask your carpet cleaning pro why that is. He performs a fiber identification test and informs you that you purchased polyester carpet, which tends to matt down and look somewhat soiled just because of wear. He then kindly informs you that if you had purchased nylon, a more durable carpet fiber, this likely wouldn’t have happened.

    You are upset. Don’t you hate it when you purchase something and it doesn’t perform as promised? But remember, carpet salespeople may not be your best consultant when it comes to fibers.

    So before you go looking for new carpet or furniture, give your carpet and furniture cleaning pro a call. Ask which fiber is best for each application in your home. Yes, polyester may be soft and colorful, but it may be best to keep it in the bedrooms and use durable fibers, like nylon and wool (which is expensive), in the high trafficked areas of your home.


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  10. Commercial Carpet Cleaning

    Carpet cleaning image 06072016 (1)

    Apart from the fact that carpets look and feel much nicer when they are clean, they also create a refreshing look to the place. Dirty carpets, on the other hand are a potential threat and can lead to health risks and hazards as they are known to trap pollens, dirt, mites, and allergens due to continuous usage.

    Carpet cleaning experts ensure that your carpets are kept in tip top condition while also maintaining health standards . Carpet cleaning may vary from one vendor to another as there are different ways to go about when it comes to cleaning your carpet.

    Types of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

    Here are some of the most commonly used methods of cleaning the carpets commercially:

    • Dry Cleaning: Specialized machines are used to clean carpets that permit no or very low moisture known as ‘VLM Cleaning’.
    • Hot Water Extraction: Also known as ‘Steam Cleaning’ within the industry, this method uses equipment that sprays heated water with cleaning chemicals as additives on the carpet.
    • Vacuums and Other Household Cleaning: Carpet Rods or beating machines are used apart from vacuums to clean carpets in households. Though they might not be as effective as the above mentioned methods, they are still effective to some degree.


    Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service isn’t just about saving your carpets from getting affected from allergens and other health hazards; it also carries its own fringe benefits, some of which are mentioned below:

    Saving Energy and Time

    Cleaning a carpet isn’t child play, the size of the rug also poses hurdles as the more surface area it covers the larger it is; making it even more difficult to clean. Hence instead of breaking your back on such a troublesome issue, its best that you leave professional t the job. Plus saving time for other more significantly important tasks is also an additional bonus for those who hire the service.

    Guaranteed, Certified Services, and Equipments

    When you must choose to clean the carpet of your workplace or residential quarters by hiring a professional service provider, rest assure you are in good hands. Professionals use certified and tested equipment over time to make sure that you get the best of results. Many offer valuable information as well regarding the different types of carpets and their properties.

    Improved Durability

    Professional carpet cleaning companies make sure that their customers get what they are paying for. Hence, when they decide to clean up a carpet their immense trick of the trade is to make sure that the carpet remains undamaged and that secures their need of services in the future as well. Hence, asking for professional aid ensures that your carpets durability and lifecycle is not affected or shortened.

    Prevent Diseases, Mold Growth, and Mildew

    Professional cleaners understand the potential health hazards an unclean carpet may pose to residents and office workers. Hence, they detect and remove any potentially hazardous material including removal of mold and mildew from carpets.