New Technology in the World of Cleaning

Change driven by advancement in technology is just as inevitable in the cleaning industry as it is for all other industries. Many companies are working on developing new, effective technologies with the ultimate goal of achieving perfection when it comes to keeping homes and offices clean.

Today, we will take a look at some of the up and coming technologies that will improve efficiency for both, the commercial cleaning company and the regular cleaners.

Internet of Things

IoT refers to devices equipped with sensors that allow them to monitor and track real time data and share it using the internet for assessment. With the presence of interconnected cleaning tools, this tracked data can be used to make sure devices such as floor cleaners, dispensers and waste receptacles are regularly maintained. Sensors in a facility can track janitor efficiency and device usage data can be used to improve cleaning schedules.

Automated Machinery

While present day robots or automated machinery are only capable of simple tasks such as floor or window cleaning, we are fast moving towards improving this technology so that robots can reach even the hardest of places.

There are many people who are against this giving away of jobs, as the popular belief is that it will result in unemployment for workers in the industry. On the contrary, the presence of such machinery dictates the need for more personnel that are capable of working/maintaining these machines.

Biological Active Tissue Paper

As the name applies, this special variety of tissue paper is designed to include bacteria strains that are harmless to humans. The tissue paper becomes active once it reaches the drainage system and becomes hydrated; the bacteria strains released are selected because of their ability to break down organic matter within the drainage pipes.

Once the organic matter is broken down, the bacteria loses sustenance and hence it ceases to exist.This kind of tissue paper is used in high traffic areas where hygiene, cleanliness and maintenance must be upheld.

While some of the technological advancements in the cleaning industry may in the end turn out to be little more than fads, there are quite a few that are effective and some will pave the way for a complete overhaul in the way cleaning is done.

At Crystal Clear Enterprise Inc, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest quality standardsby both training our employees as well as employing new technologies.