Facility mangers are usually accountable for their budget. If you’ve allotted a significant amount of budget to a commercial cleaning service, you are likely to hear, why can’t this task be performed internally? Was outsourcing a correct choice? Are we saving cost or losing more money?

And so, we’ll be looking at some way to distinguish between satisfactory and non-satisfactory results of a commercial cleaner.

Value For Money


If your commercial cleaner has provided you with a vague pricing plan with several loop holes and long equations to determine wage, you are in for a bad deal. Non-transparent pricing is a hoax to mask additional charges or an early indication of an inexperienced cleaner.


If you can trace back the price to labor cost and cleaning material, you have a pricing scheme that is open and free of hidden charges. With fair price, you can easily conduct a price comparison and gain value for money. Moreover, accurate price point is a sign that you are dealing with industry expert.

Cleaning Quotation For Your Site 


Handing over your facility maintenance is a risky job. The other party needs to put in a lot of effort to deliver satisfactory results.

Before hiring a professional, ask for price quotation. Janitorial services are rendered based on hours, area covered, and labor required. If your cleaning company has provided you with a vague bid, without visiting your site, you are in for a mediocre service plan.


An experienced professional will provide a plan after closely surveying your building; they will also recommend special services and formulate a customized plan to meet your needs.

You can gauge the level of commitment and customer satisfaction you will receive

from rendering their services, by monitoring the amount of hard work the company puts in initial stages of relationship building.



If you have untrained cleaning staff that require 24/7 monitoring and instructions, you need to search for a better cleaning company. A staff with attendance issue, lack of skills, and training can cause more damage to your business.


A seasoned professional will treat you like a customer and go out of their way to fulfill your needs. They will hire and train staff after a screening process and provide them with industry-standard guidelines to deliver results. You can easily communicate to the manager and get the job done in less time. Another key feature of a successful cleaning company is that it has a considerably low turnover rate.

Technology and Industry Standards


A company that fails to follow safety and standard guidelines in their services will not prove viable in the long run. They may provide you lower rates, but in return they might be using old

machinery and methods.


Try to find a company that is eager to adopt new cleaning methods and follow safety guidelines. Make sure they have affiliations with a known authority or industry leader.

By collaborating with a progressive cleaning business, you can avail green technology and cleaning chemical for your facility as well.

Communication System


You will know that a company will deliver poor performance, if they don’t have communication system in place for their client. If a company is neither consistent nor responsive in the work that they do, then it’s time to switch.


They will have all the tools to keep you informed about their progress. In the event of a mishap, you have access to the manager in-charge and necessary steps will be taken immediately to rectify the error or oversight. Moreover, they will work hard to build a long-term relationship.

How To Make My Cleaning A Success Story?  

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