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You may have heard people telling you that it’s useless to get your windows cleaned during the wet season because it’s not going to make a difference. But what if you live in an area that gets rain every day? Would you not get your windows cleaned, ever? It’s time to break the uninformed notion, as reliable cleaning services these days provide window cleaning services even during rough weather conditions, with the use of specialized equipments.

Even if you don’t live in an area with heavy rainfall, it’s beneficial to get your windows cleaned while it rains and here is why you should do that.

Image showing commercial window cleaning kansas city

Rain DOES NOT Make Your Windows Dirty!

First and foremost, it is not the rainwater that’s dirty—it’s the dirt and debris that were already on the window that make for dirty patches. Air pollutants from the vehicles, pollen, oil residues, dirt and other debris accumulate on windows if they are not cleaned for a long time, and they take an ugly shape when the rainwater comes in contact with them. If you keep your windows clean all the time, the rain will simply wash the dirt and debris away, leaving them crystal clean.

Window Cleaners Are Harvesting Rain Water for Better Window Cleaning Services

Rainwater is actually soft water, which is not readily available otherwise. According to research, a house roof may accumulate nearly 80,000 litres  of rainwater per annum. An increasing number of professional cleaning services are now collecting and maintaining rainwater reserves to reduce their costs of purchasing soft water with the right mineral content and to provide better services to their clients. It also helps them utilize the natural resources and adopt environmentally-friendly practices.

Rainwater Is Better Than the Tap Water

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As mentioned above, tap water is normally hard water, which does not contain the right balance of minerals for effective cleaning of windows. Rain water in contrast is more suited for cleaning with a significantly lower amount of contaminants than tap water i.e. zero to none according to the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter readings. It shows how rain water is safe and beneficial to be used for window cleaning.

With the above facts—yes, you should get your windows cleaned during rainfall. If you have come down to the decision of getting your windows cleaned, hire the most reliable window cleaning service in Kansas City like Crystal Clear Enterprise. With years of expertise and state-of-art-equipment, we offer a wide range of cleaning services including janitorial services, inspection services and commercial window cleaning kansas city.

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