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Flu season usually comes with a lot of sniffling and coughing around the office. Cough syrups and tissues lying across desks really put on a show.

As an employer or business owner, it’s difficult to encourage employees to be productive when half of your team is sick. Luckily, there are a few measures that can be put into practice to combat flu at the workplace.

Educating Employees

One way to prevent your employees from falling sick is to educate them about these viruses. Hosting a meeting at the beginning of the season may help reduce the sick days.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the flu can spread to others up to about six feet away through a cough, sneeze or even talking.

Washing Hands Frequently

It may seem absurd, but many people are not in the habit of washing hands thoroughly or covering their mouth while sneezing.

An antibacterial soap is another way of preventing infectious germs during flu season. Using a tissue while coughing or wearing a face mask prevents germs from being released into the air or onto surfaces.

Practice Personal Illness Prevention

Unfortunately, there is no prevention from falling sick. The virus attacks employees when they come into contact with the infected person.

Offer sick leaves in the benefits package separately from employee’s vacation days. Putting others at risk by showing up at work with a cold may not be the best decision.

Daily Cleanups

During the hustle and bustle of the week, the well-being of the employees shouldn’t take a backseat.

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