Cleaning Your Own Office? How you’re Setting Yourself Up for Liability!

Did you know that office cleaning is the largest sector of commercial cleaning, making up 31% of all contracts?

This shocking statistic begs the question; why are more and more offices turning to commercial cleaning services rather than continuing to maintain their offices on their own?

Well, there are certain risks involved with self managing janitorial needs. Let’s discuss some of the risks and how employing a commercial cleaning company can help companies avoid liabilities somewhere down the line.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

When cleaning up an office on their own, most people will tend to only look for and clean those easy access areas that other people will see. However, doing so will eventually cause a pileup of dust, dirt and grime in all the areas they are ignoring. Dust spawns dust mites who can be harmful for people who have asthma or allergies. Professional janitorial services have trained staff that will perform a comprehensive cleanup of the office premises, taking care of those hard to reach places.

What’s that smell??

A common occurrence in the workplace that’s solved by using air fresheners is foul odors. Using an air freshener only works for a short time to abate the smell before it eventually returns.

For people who wish to have their office space smell better for longer periods, professional cleaners identify the source of these odors and solve the problem rather than covering it up.

The Hub of Office Bacteria

No, it’s not the bathroom. It’s the kitchen.

With so many people gathering in one place in order to prepare food or get some coffee, the kitchen is the prime place for bacteria to gather and spread from person to person. Spills, left unattended lead to bacteria.This leads to sickness in employees, and absenteeism, which in turn affects company productivity.

Cleaners know which products to use in order to effectively rid the area ofthese bacteria for a long period, thereby maintaining the kitchen’s hygiene and employees’ health.

Get That Dirt Off Of the Floor

Flooring is a high traffic area throughout the workweek and while simply sweeping is can keep it going, the wear and tear process will easily cause floors to become stained. Resolving this matter is a matter of knowhow derived from experience combined with the usage of proper methods and tools, all of which a professional cleaner should possess.

Our commercial cleaning services are the best solution for offices as well as residential spaces all over Kansas City. To get an estimate for your office today, fill out this form and take the first step to taking the hassle out of keeping your office space perfectly clean and sanitized!