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Employees are the drivers of growth for any organization. Any source of discomfort can reduce their productivity and, in turn, the performance of your entire business.

A central aspect of this is workplace cleanliness, as it bolsters the wellbeing of your employees and their performance.

In this blog, we’ll highlight the main reasons why a clean workplace is a major contributor to good health and how it enhances motivation at work.

A Clean Workplace Prevents Employees from Falling Sick

A large number of employees work in the same atmosphere and breathe the same air in any workplace. This can be a source of various viral infections and bacteria if cleanliness isn’t given the importance it deserves. According to research conducted in 2014, a virus on a doorknob or a table in an office was likely to be transferred to 40–60% of employees in just two to four hours.

Image showing carpet cleaning kansas city mo

Decreases Stress and Anxiety in Employees

Cluttered offices, confined desks, dirty toilets, messy common areas, and unorganized dining rooms can contribute to high levels of stress and anxiety in employees.

A study was conducted on two groups of women. Group one spent their days in messy homes and the other group lived in well-organized and clean dwellings. The results showed that the women who lived in the dirty homes had significantly higher rates of depression than those who lived in cleaner spaces.

Various other studies have suggested a positive correlation between clean environments and good health. Happy employees also lead to happy customers, which is why it’s crucial for business growth to provide employees with a clean workplace.

Enhances Employee Productivity and Satisfaction

According to some estimates, sick leaves cost organizations nearly $225.8 billion every year. Clean workplaces contribute to better mental and physical health in employees, leading to a drop in sick leave applications. Confined, cluttered, and poorly ventilated workplaces with unpleasant smells can also be the reason behind distractions, low motivation, and reduced morale in employees.

Research suggests that 89% of people in the United States believe that restroom cleanliness is a significant indicator of how employees are valued in an organization. If you’re looking for a commercial cleaning service in Kansas City to make your office sparkle, get in touch with Crystal Clear Enterprise. We offer a wide range of affordable services including janitorial, building maintenance, and commercial carpet cleaning kansas city mo Metropolitan Area.

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