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Have you ever observed black stains or dark patches on your carpet under the doors, windows or along the edges? These dark lines and the dirt-like appearance are a commonly recurring issue in residential and commercial carpets, known as “filtration soiling.”

Carpets are prone to absorbing environmental pollutants like dust, pet fur, oil residues, smoke and ash from the chimney and other debris. All of this accumulates and is trapped along the edges of your carpet and causes filtration soiling.

Contrary to how bad they look, keeping these stains from coming back is generally easy and doesn’t require a lot of efforts. Here are a few tips that you can follow to prevent your carpets from filtration soiling and maintain their look.

Keep Your Air Ducts Clean

Air ducts are home to a good amount of dirt, and other pollutants that may negatively affect the air and atmosphere inside your commercial or residential building. Having your air ducts regularly inspected and cleaning them keeps these pollutants and debris from spreading throughout your place.

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Reduce the Accumulation of Dirt

Things like curtains, lace embellishments on tables, and other upholsteries made out of cloth may shed tiny particles over time in the air. To minimize the accumulation of debris, it’s helpful to remove these sources from your room.

Another resourceful way of eliminating dirt collection is to invest in air curtains or air doors. They keep smoke and other pollutants from creeping into your space and minimize the risk of filtration soiling.

Place Doormats at Entrances

It’s advisable to put door mats or small-sized rugs at every entrance to reduce the amount of dirt that others could track inside your home from outside.

Keeping the Filters Clean

Generally, it is recommended to change or clean the filters in your home after every three months. However, it depends on the usage of your heat and air conditioners. Some filters need to be replaced after short time spans. Good quality filters can be reused after cleaning, which is why it’s better to invest in durable ones to ensure longevity. Clean filters will keep the pollutants from making it into the air ducts, accumulating into your carpets.

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