When buying a new place for the business of your dreams, you likely had a number of flooring options to choose from. From tiles, linoleum, carpets or wood flooring as options, it can sometimes be extremely difficult to choose the right flooring for your needs.

The floorings of our offices are perhaps subjected to the worst abuse by employees tracking in dust and dirt from the outside in with their shoes. This can cause them to start looking dirty and wearing out from use over time. Hardwood floors are particularly susceptible to showing wear and wear if not properly taken care of.

Hardwood floors are one of the most common and popular options of flooring for offices. They not only make your office lobby or store look inviting and comfy, they are also extremely easy to clean and are available in a number of varieties, making them extremely versatile. Here are a few easy tips to keep the wood floors of your business looking squeaky and shiny for decades:

Daily Sweeping

While wood floors are extremely easy to keep clean, darker colors start showing dust and grime more easily than wood floors of a lighter color. A simple sweeping can easily brush off the dust from your floor and make it look just as clean again in a matter of minutes.

Weekly Vacuuming and Mopping

At times, a simple sweeping job is not enough to keep the floor clean, especially if it is a store floor that sees customers track in dirt every day.

A weekly routine of vacuuming the floor to get rid of dust you may have missed with your broom followed with mopping the floor with the help of a mop that is only slightly damp can help restore your wooden floor to its former glory.

It is important that the mop only be damp and not dripping water as wood floors can absorb water and get damaged.

Clean up spills and stains with no-wax wood floor cleaner

Wiping stains and spills as they happen instantly and then enlisting the help of a no-wax wood floor cleaner to remove the residue will help keep your floor looking better for longer. Liquid stains that are left on floors for some time can cause permanent staining that can damage the look of your store.

What to do in case of scratches and fading?

In areas that see a lot of footfall, chances of the wood scratching and fading are higher. When you start seeing signs of wear on your office’s wooden floor, it might be time to enlist the help of a professional to sand down and re-varnish them.

Alternatively, if the scratches are small enough, you may want to try buffing them out with the help of a tennis ball or a fuzzy sock. But in a space as large as an office or a store, it can be very difficult to take care of individual scratches on your own.

Annual Professional Cleanings

Enlist a professional commercial floor cleaning service to deep clean your wooden floors annually or biannually, depending upon the traffic your floor regularly sees. This will you’re your floor looking cleaner and shinier as professional cleaners are trained to pick up spots of damage that your eyes might have missed.

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