4 Advantages of Getting Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Installing a carpet or rug in your office can massively increase the aesthetics of your business. But it comes with its share of problems. Even the cleanest of carpets can hold within it hundreds of thousands of germs and pollutants that can negatively affect the health of your employees.

Did you know that your carpet is quite possibly the dirtiest place in your office, even more so than the toilet seats!

Each square inch of carpet houses around 200,000 bacteria, around 700 times more than your toilet seat. Even with the most regular of vacuums, a percentage of these bacteria remain burrowed deep within the fibers of your carpet. The bacteria can become airborne when people walk on these carpets and can make your employees sick.

Luckily, there is an easy solution to keeping your carpets as healthy as possible. And that solution is found in professional carpet cleanings. What can a professional carpet cleaner do that you can’t do on your own with a carpet cleaning kit? Let’s find out!

Professional Cleaners are trained

Professional carpet cleaners clean carpets round the clock the entire year. They are experienced in the most effective ways of cleaning your carpet. They have expertise in dealing with all kinds of carpets, from thick to thin, and brightly colored to neutral shaded. Some cleaners are even licensed or certified.

In comparison, you likely do not have enough knowledge of the machine or the best method of cleaning your carpet and are likely to do a less than ideal job.

They have superior equipment

Professional carpet cleaning equipment is far more efficient than anything you would find at Target. With a space as large as your business place, trying to manage an in house janitorial team can take far more time, effort and funds.

Reduces risk of damage

When you try to clean your carpets yourself, you can at times end up damaging the fibers because of your lack of knowledge about the material and type of carpet. A professional knows exactly how to handle every kind of carpet material and will deep clean it with as little damage to the carpet as possible.

Regular professional cleanings can also increase the lifespan of your carpet by keeping them looking cleaner and newer for longer.

Eliminates Germs and Pollutants

The superior equipment used by professional cleaners is capable of heating water to much higher temperatures, effectively killing off germs and mites that may have burrowed within the fibers of your carpet. These mites are hard to get rid of with a standard vacuuming, as most vacuums only remove dust and dirt from the surface of the carpet.

A professional cleaning can improve air quality and overall health conditions of your office, keeping your employees healthy and reducing absences due to sickness.

Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company right from the comfort of your office

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