Cleaning and sanitizing have never been as important is they are now. The COVID-19 outbreak has caused the entire country to go into lockdown, temporarily shutting down several small and big businesses.

Here some tips that your cleaning team needs to keep in mind to ensure the office is clean and safe for your employees when they return:

1.  Floor Cleaning

Although floors may not be as high-touch as other surfaces in your offices, they can contribute to the virus’ transmission. If an infected person coughs or sneezes, some respiratory droplets may reach the floor and settle there. An uninfected person may walk on those droplet sand their shoes may pick it up. The virus droplets then travel with the person into their car, public places, and even their house. It can even transmit to their hands and face while they’re taking off their shoes.

Scrubbing and sanitizing your floors is as crucial as other surfaces in your office. If you have any carpeted area, it’s vital to do a deep clean of that as well, since the microfiber material is more likely to retain the virus, dust, and debris.

2.   Cleaning and Sanitization Of Hard Surfaces

Research has shown that the coronavirus can persist on surfaces and could infect someone who comes into contact with them. The duration could range from 2 hours up to 5 days, depending on the kind of surface.

Clean carpets, tables and chairs to ensure maximum safety.


Using cleaning solutions with a certain alcohol percentage is proven effective in the elimination of the virus. The CDC recommends sanitizing desktops, doorknobs, and phones. If an employee has been infected with the virus, it is vital to do a thorough cleaning and sanitization session in their workspace to ensure that no particles are left behind.

3.   Restroom Cleaning 

A recent study found that eight out of ten people feel more unsafe going to public restrooms today than before the pandemic.

After the spread of COVID-19, clean has a new definition. It doesn’t merely mean spotless and sparkling, but also refers to hygienic and germ-free. Your restrooms are a focal point of germ accumulation, which is why extra effort should go into disinfecting this area. We recommended cleaning toilet flush handles, faucet hands, countertops, soap dispenser levers, etc. Everything that is a high-touch zone should be thoroughly and regularly cleaned, and don’t forget the floor.

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Employees are the core of any business. Providing a safe and secure environment for them to work in is mandatory.

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