10 Things Your Business Forgets To Clean That Is Making Your Employees Sick!

It’s no secret that office cleaning is a chore, whether done by in-house employees or through a cleaning service. And a heavy one at that, with quite a few places going unnoticed during the cleaning process either due to being in a hurry or just simple oversight.

Not only does this leave a bad impression on clients who might notice but over time, the dirt and germs that accumulate in these places will begin to spread sickness amongst employees. You don’t want that do you? Then go through our list of the 10 things you might be missing out on cleaning!


Let’s start with the room employees spend much of their free time in – the kitchen. It might come as a shock but shelves that are unused are often overlooked. However, letting them remain unclean gives way to dust mites in the shelves and on any objects housed on the shelf.

Coffee Maker

The holy grail of kitchen appliances builds up bacteria over time and it’s not a matter that can be resolved just by cleaning out the pot. The appliances hard to reach corners must also be cleaned to ensure your employees have access to some nice, clean java.

Ceiling Fans

This might seem like a no brainer but the fact remains that while ceiling fans are helpful during winters, dirt and dust piles up on them quite fast.

TV Remotes

An easy target for grime build up, TV remotes can easily be cleaned with the combination of a disinfectant cloth and q-tips for the spaces between buttons.


Switch boards and switches are tiny, however being used by so many people results in the accumulation of germs. Luckily, these are easy enough to reach and clean.As with your TV remotes, use q-tips to get the dirt between spaces.

Door Knobs

Another high usage area of the home, door knobs should be cleaned regularly in order to keep germs in check.

Office Chairs

Filth buildup is common in office chair bases due to employees bringing in all kinds of dirt on the undersides of their shoes.


Another easy target for shoe underside dirt, the corners of steps on stairways will accumulate dirt if not kept in check.


Dust and cobweb buildup on plants left untouched is common, regardless whether the plants are artificial or real.

Cleaning Supplies

So you’ve cleaned your office, but how clean were the supplies you used to clean it with. All cleaning supplies must be regularly maintained otherwise any other cleaning activity is undoubtedly pointless.

Keeping all these smaller things in mind can be a hassle when cleaning up the workplace. It’s why we recommend using a commercial cleaning company to help rid you of the trouble.

Regardless of size or type of building, Crystal Clear Enterprise Inc’s team of highly trained staff is dedicated to helping you keep your work space clean and your employees healthy. Fill out this short form and get an estimate quote today!