#1. Pre-treat spots and stains: Remember, there is a difference from a spot to a stain. Any visible spot should be pretreated with a laundry pretreatment product. Without this step, spots may work their way into the fibers and become stains.

#2: Sort it out: Separate delicate clothes, dark clothes and white clothes.  Delicates should usually be cleaned in colder water, with a shorter cycle. Consider air or hang drying delicates. Dark clothes might bleed, so washing them separate is smart, and also on colder water (to be safe.) White clothes definitely show more dirt but often are also more durable. You can use hot water on most whites. Always look at the tag, nothing is more frustrating than a sweater coming out three sizes smaller than when it went in.

#3: Laundry Boosters: They boost the cleaning power by using oxidizing solutions that aren’t as strong as chlorine bleach, which can easily remove color. A booster really does the trick on tough dirt, spots, and odors. Follow the manufacturer’s directions carefully.


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