Removing the Smell of Mildew from Old Carpets

Does your office smell like something’s rotting inside? Try as you may,you just can’t seem to pinpoint exactly where the odor’s originating from. It seems to be coming from everywhere!

The most common culprit of this damp, musty, and ubiquitous smell is usually mildew.

Carpets and rugs are like sponges; they absorb various odors right in. Over time, as different scents accumulate together, they form an altogether different smell. This smell is known as the mildew-y, mold-y carpet smell.

The good news? You can remove off-putting carpet odors quite easily. The bad news? When mildew comes in to the picture, things tend to get a little complicated. Like that annoying co-worker that just does not let you use the restroom in peace by insisting on talking, mildew can be pretty hard to get rid of. But fear not, even though we don’t have a solution for getting rid of pesky coworkers (yet!), we know a thing or two about removing that dank mildew smell from old carpets.

Mildew is generally indicative of accumulation of excess moisture that has not dried out completely from the carpet. Maybe someone accidentally spilled water on the carpet and forgot to dry it up. Maybe the employees had a bit too much to drink at the last office party and spilled wine on the carpet. Or maybe moisture just built up over the years thanks to the humid Kansas weather.

Whatever the reason, you can still eliminate it. Read on below to learn tips to kick that musty smell out of your office once and for all.

The Chemical Method of Removing the Mildew Smell

One effective way of combating the mildew smell is by applying hydrogen peroxide to the affected area.

First, do a test-patch by sprinkling it on a small area. If it doesn’t cause any discoloration,proceed to mix 1 part of hydrogen peroxide with 5 parts of water.

Apply this mixture on the backing of your carpet so as to eliminate the mildew spores.

You can also vacuum the carpet and then thoroughly wash it with carpet shampoo to get rid of the odor-causing spores.

The Natural Method of Removing the Mildew Smell

If you don’t want to risk taking chances with chemical ingredients on your carpet then the natural method is the way to go! Use good old baking soda, white vinegar and water to eliminate that foul smell from your carpeting. Freely sprinkle baking soda on to the carpet until it forms a thick layer over it. Let it soak in all the mustiness and then shake it off and vacuum it. You can also soak the affected spots with vinegar to eradicate the mildew smell. Spray with water afterwards and blot out as much dampness as you can.

The Professional Method of Removing the Mildew Smell

Even though trusty home remedies are a safe and simple way to solve most issues, they are not always 100% effective.

With something as serious as mildew, excess accumulation of which can lead to serious health problems such as asthma, we recommend you contact a commercial carpet cleaning company.

Our team here at Crystal Clear Enterprises aims to provide professional quality carpet cleaning services in Kansas City. We incorporate advanced carpet cleaning technologies in our cleaning systems that will help your office get that fresh-new carpet smell back as well as providing you with quality air to breathe.