Identifying the Cause of Carpet Odors

You enter your office and immediately an odd odor assails your senses.

You can’t really pinpoint what it is, or where it’s coming from. It seems to be emanating from everywhere!

If that’s the case, then you most likely have a case of a smelly carpet on your hands (or feet). When left unclean, carpets can house up to millions of germs. Did you know that carpets can lock in dirt as much as four times their weight? So if that carpet in your office has been lying around unclean for centuries, chances are it is germs galore everywhere.

If your office carpet is unclean it is probably going to give off very unpleasant scents to unsuspecting noses. These odors can range from slight nose-wrinkling to downright gag-inducing. Foul-smelling carpets will not only leave a bad impression on customers who walk into your office; it is also going to affect your employees’ performance.

If you don’t catch the culprit(s) of your carpet calamity, you will have an empty office on your hands; with no customers and probably, no employees.

We have devised a list of various reasons why your carpet might smell fishy – literally!

Environmental Factors

Some of the most common issues of carpet odors are usually environmental factors. Like a wet sponge, a carpet can soak up the smells around it. So if you smoke a lot, that smell of smoke is going to permeate your carpet and last longer than your life. Another factor could be strong cooking smells such as that of curry-based foods.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

You know that smell that’s there in a freshly-painted room? That’s because of VOCs. Some hate it, some love it, but it is agreed upon that VOCs can be hazardous to your health.

VOCs are organic compounds that are volatile, which means that they evaporate readily at room temperature, leaving behind a strong scent. They are generally used to hold the carpet backing together and can be one reason of carpet odor. Usually, good ventilation and aeration can reduce the smell.

Moisture and Dampness

Getting your carpet wet and liquid spillage can give rise to an entire colony of germs invading your carpet and your office.

Dampness is very bacteria-friendly and can result in an infestation in your carpet. This accumulation of bacteria can lead your carpet to smell mold-y and mildew-y. If it isn’t dried out thoroughly, you will have a strange smelling carpet on your hands.

Insufficient cleaning

Even if you manage to keep your carpet clean of all stains and unpleasant happenings, it is likely that your carpet will still end up with some kind of an odor.

That is because, over time, your carpet builds up layers of dust and grime. This leads to buildup of bacteria which leads to your carpet smelling bad. It is advisable that you get professional help to clean out your carpets as it is the only reliable way to completely get rid of that unpleasant carpet smell.

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