Many commercial cleaning companies provide a list of cleaning services for their customers.

However, with maintenance services becoming more expensive every day, companies are now offering various specialty added services for their clients’ convenience.

This way, businesses now contact just one company and have all their maintenance requirements taken care of.

Which Specialty Services does Crystal Clear Provide?

Over the years, we’ve received request for a variety of day-to-day janitorial services, such as:

  • Restroom sanitation program
  • Commercial pest control
  • Detail cleaning
  • Commercial window cleaning services
  • Washing fluorescent lights
  • Washing office furniture and upholstery
  • Lawn care
  • Painting and many more

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company for Specialty Services

·         Saves Time

Clients do not have the time to search for a service vendor, and often end up either ignoring the task or spending too much on getting it done at the last moment. By hiring a familiar commercial company to do the job for you, you save time.

·         Gets the Job Done

A professional cleaning service would have the right equipment to get the job done without a hitch. But more than that, they know the ins and outs of the company. They will be able to work around your specific and individual needs.

·         Offers Trustworthy Services

With a professional cleaning service on the job, you won’t have to oversee their work or put off your own important tasks, just so you can make sure that they provide an agreeable quality of service.

·         Worthy Investment

Outsourcing specialty services from your commercial cleaning company can help you save money. As mentioned before, day-to-day maintenance services are becoming quite expensive. By hiring a cleaning company for such tasks, you make an investment that would pay back in value added to your company image.

Hire Crystal Clear

Customers seeking specialty services from Crystal Clear Enterprise can opt for customized services that are tailored according to the clients’ needs and budget.

In need of a professional cleaning company in Kansas City that meets your specific requirements? Call us at (816) 763-3353 or fill out our contact form to explore your commercial cleaning options.