An Office Carpet Should Only Be Professionally Cleaned by a Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Maintaining cleanliness at a workplace is as important as maintaining cleanliness at home. It ensures a healthy operating environment for its habitants. And keeping your carpets clean is a crucial part of the cleaning regime.

There have been recent reports suggesting that approx. 40% of the population has been sensitized to allergens. According to Morey P. Personal communication, carpets, if uncleaned, accumulate dustand dirt—approximately 5-25 grams per square meter of surface area. This depends on foot traffic,type of carpet material, among other factors.

Hiring professional carpet cleaning company ensures that your carpets are cleaned effectively and will be beneficial to your customers and employees.

Here are a few reasons why hiring professional carpet cleaners for your office will prove beneficial in long run:

Efficient Carpet Cleaning

It is no hidden fact that carpets are magnets for a variety of contaminants. Regularly vacuuming cannot possibly prove efficient for dust and grime that is stored in the deep fibers of the carpet. It needs deep cleaning which thoroughly removes residue.

Hiring professional cleaners means they will recognize the issue penetrating deep within your carpets and using the right chemicals and techniques to pull out the stains, dust mite, dirt or allergens.

Professional Equipment and Solution

Professional carpet cleaners are trained to use unique and high-quality equipment which include truck-installed machines or steam cleaners.


This machinery is designed to extract maximum dirt and grime set deep in your carpet as well as remove layers of stain. The regular machinery used cannot remove the stubborn stains so easily.

Restore the Aesthetics of Workspace

Professional carpet cleaning not only removes dirt and grime but also enhances the look of your office. It immediately boosts air quality, contributing to a healthier workplace. Create a welcoming atmosphere that is safe too!

Improve the Indoor Air quality

According to the EPA, indoor air quality has a direct effect on the health of residents. If the air quality is laden with allergens,you will immediately feel the effects in the form of runny nose or irritable eyes.

If the habitants are exposed to unhealthy indoor air quality, they might be facing severe health problems which can lead to respiratory issues, amongst others. Carpet plays a major role for indoor air quality. It works as a filter for dirt and dust, which causes opposite affects when dirty.

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