1. The Importance Of Minimizing VOCs With Your Commercial Cleaning Company

    As our previous blogs have stated, the air quality of your building is a deciding factor in production, especially where employee health is concerned. At the very least, your employees are spending eight hours in your building, with some individuals spending up to 90 percent of their lives indoors. It’s vital to keep the air that is circulating through your business clean and clear from any dangerous contaminants. One major concern comes from volatile organic compounds (VOCs). When these fairly common compounds are released into the air, the results on your employees and guests can be damaging. Hiring a commercial cleaning company for your Missouri business is one way to help fight airborne toxins. Crystal Clear Enterprise is proud to offer the best janitorial services to Kansas City businesses, focusing on high standards and stringent training to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

    Today, we’ll look deeper into VOCs and their impact on the workplace. When you’re ready to take action with professional cleaning services, be sure to contact Crystal Clear to learn more about our operations!

    Where do VOCs come from?

    As hazardous as they are, volatile organic compounds actually reside in a large number of everyday items. When you are working throughout the day, you are at risk for being bombarded by VOCs from:

    • Glues and adhesives
    • Cleaning chemicals
    • Carpeting
    • Scented products
    • Furniture
    • Paints and stains
    • Copiers and printers

    Individually these sources can be minor, but together these VOC sources can quickly create a hazard for your building’s inhabitants. Formaldehyde is one of the most prevalent compounds in use, which can create a very carcinogenic environment for your employees. This gas is commonly known for use in its liquid state as an embalming fluid, that disinfects and preserves bodies. While useful for deceased patrons and some glues found around the office, the negative effects can quickly become apparent in your office.

    The Dangers of VOCs

    High levels of these compounds can create a plethora of problems for people, ranging from throat discomfort to nausea to kidney damage and more. Concentrated VOCs have been tested on animals, only to find that they are cancer causing. The carcinogenic effects of these compounds is a major concern, as concentrated exposures in the workplace can be very damaging. While the symptoms of high VOC exposure vary, many people report headaches, eye irritation, excessive fatigue, and generally feeling sick.

    The gas composition of VOCs make humans very susceptible to exposure. You can easily surpass the level of safe exposure by inhaling VOCs, swallowing them, or touching them. One theory on exposure states that we can absorb a certain amount of toxins as a whole, but too much can lead to illness.

    Minimizing VOCs

    While keeping your building’s air quality safe is a difficult task, it can be done. By removing VOC sources and effectively sealing materials, you can help to reduce the airborne concentration of these compounds. Cleaning agents, paints, and other chemicals are major contributors to the problem and should be minimized as much as possible. Proper usage and mixing of these chemicals is necessary, as disregarding label precautions can be very dangerous! Another effective measure in the fight against VOCs is by bringing in fresh air via an effective ventilation system. An influx of air circulating in your building will help to minimize the concentration of toxins in certain areas, reducing the dangers for inhabitants. It can help to think of this practice as the same as when you use spray paint outdoors, where fresh air helps to minimize nausea and headaches.

    Hiring an office cleaning company with a focus on responsible cleaning products is one way to help minimize the dangers. Professional cleaning companies, including Crystal Clear, use green cleaning supplies in order to provide safe, effective results. By checking the labels on every cleaning product, you can help to ensure that hazardous toxins are not being released into the air.

    Taking the proper precautions can help to minimize the VOCs in your building. These troublesome carcinogens can be hard to source and control, making the task a perfect fit for professional cleaners. Crystal Clear is here to provide the best janitorial services to your Kansas City business by delivering fast, effective results that will help your building shine. Since 1997, our commercial cleaning experts have striven to hone the practice and create a service that cannot be beat by the competitors. Contact us today to learn more or to see how we can improve the air quality in your office!

  2. Commercial Upholstery Care: Don’t Forget the Furniture and Cubicles

    There’s no reason why an office cubicle can’t turn to ‘Cubicle Sweet Cubicle’. These efficient cubes are space saviors, creating a semi-private workstation for every individual.

    Cleaning and maintaining cubicles are no ordinary tasks though. You can’t simply wipe them down with a clean cloth. It may work for the painted wallswould not work for the cubicles.

    Other than the cubicle itself, office furniture such as desk and chair, personal computers, and headphones must also be cleaned for personal use.

    Office partitions may hide dust and germs; cleaning is an essential step you should never ignore!

    Cubicles harbor airborne particles

    Cubicles are mostly covered with polyester fabric. The material collects dust and other airborne particles, including germs.

    If the staff eats and drinks on their desks, they may also get stained. From coffee splatters to soup spills, everything can harm the fabric. Our cleaning services offer upholstery cleaning that pays attention to cubicles.

    Regular dusting is important

    Here’s a (not-so) fun fact: each person sheds a gram and half of dead skin cells every day. Does that make you feel uncomfortable?

    Now you understand why dusting and vacuuming is important. Dust mites present another threat if dust can pile up. Their droppings can cause allergies and results in poor indoor air quality.

    It’s good that the fabric traps these particles, but they should be cleaned regularly to prevent their release back in the cubicle area.

    Upholstery cleaning is a must!

    If maintaining indoor air quality is your priority, then upholstery cleaning should never be ignored.

    There are visible stains and damage from food, sweat, beverages, skin oils and other materials. Proper upholstery cleaning is recommended at least once a week.

    If you can see the soil built-up, you’ve waited too long!

    Most cleaning companies will come in and clean the floors. No one remembers to vacuum floors under computers. It’s important to get to the nooks and crooks to ensure a healthy indoor environment.

    Commercial cleaning and maintenance

    We offer comprehensive commercial cleaning services, including carpet cleaning, office furniture and upholstery washing, floor stripping and waxing, and general janitorial cleaning services.

    We have a trained and experienced staff that is dedicated to offering you the best cleaning services. With advanced equipment and specialized cleaning techniques, we make sure your office cubicles are clean and healthy.

    Call us today for service requests or estimate the costs online.

  3. Is Your Janitorial Service Worth It?

    If you were asked to rate the janitorial service currently hired for cleaning your commercial facility, where would they stand? Are they a ‘10’, contributing to your business’s success? Or are they a ‘5’, just another necessary expense?

    Most often, janitorial service providers fall in the latter category. A reputed company is responsible, thorough and easy to communicate with.

    It’s just the standard criteria, but most services won’t go beyond this. Modern businesses demand top quality services at market competitive rates your janitorial service vendor must rise to this challenge!

    Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight. Here’s what it takes to become a customer’s favorite.

    Training is a priority

    The cleaning industry isn’t complex, but taking the task lightly often compromises quality. When we hire an employee, we ensure that they are properly trained.

    Only once they’re experienced enough do we assign a task.

    Moreover, established business owners will tell you that technology is consistently changing the industry for better. Adopting new products, equipment and cleaning techniques have become a must.

    At Crystal Clear Enterprise, Inc., we’re always working to improve service efficiency.

    Offer personalized services

    Janitorial and cleaning services often take their clients as a job that they’d get paid for. There’s nothing wrong with it, except their employees will hardly go beyond what’s expected of them.

    We train our staff to deliver personalized services. You’ll find a comprehensive range of cleaning services that is offered by our company. We allow businesses to handpick their required services, offering a more tailored approach to commercial maintenance.

    Have a systematic cleaning approach

    A structured cleaning approach helps clients and service providers be on the same page. Even though we offer tons of services, we’ve managed to categorize them individually.

    For instance, we offer multiple carpet cleaning services such as carpet bonnet cleaning, low moisture cleaning and rotary shampooing. Irrespective of which individual or combination of services you select, it would include a pre-clean, detailing, and dry vacuuming.

    This ensures that the company availing our services is aware of the cleaning practices we follow. Also, they’re informed of the value they receive for their investment.

    Product purchase and management

    We make sure our staff is well-equipped. We utilize cleaning agents that are trusted and proven to work. We ensure that the inventory is well-managed so we never run out of the necessary supplies.

    The same goes for equipment. They receive regular servicing to ensure efficient cleaning. Additionally, we train our employees to offer services that help you conserve energy. This is impossible to achieve if your janitorial service isn’t experienced.

    There’s no reason why you shouldn’t receive top notch services when that’s what you’re paying for! Start shopping around to find the best commercial cleaning service in your area. If you’re searching for cleaning agency in Kansas City, then look no further. We can help you with everything related to business cleaning.

  4. Let the Windows Shine with A Professional Sweep

    A clean workplace is essential if you want to improve productivity. Whether you’re leading a marketing company or a law firm, workplace affects your employees’ health and performance.

    Kansas City has commercial spaces and buildings, competing to stay on top of the market. If you’re looking for higher profits this year, it’s time to take your workplace seriously.

    A simple solution is to hire our commercial window cleaning service. After all, windows are your facility’s image builders from both exterior and interior views.

    With professional window cleaning, our staff can help your business in following ways:

    Improved health

    Clean office spaces are necessary to prevent infection transmission. Your employees will remain healthy and feel fresh.

    It’s especially important if one or more of your employees are prone to allergies or have a respiratory issue such as asthma. Dust and dirt in the air can affect their health and result in absenteeism.

    Higher productivity

    Window cleaning is a difficult, time-consuming task. If you leave these cleaning tasks to your employees, they will neither have the time nor energy to focus on their regular work.

    Our trained staff can take care of window cleaning, getting the job done quickly and efficiently. This allows your employees to remain focused on their job and contribute more to the business’s success.

    Better safety

    Commercial buildings aren’t easy to clean, especially when it comes to high rise facilities. Window cleaning specialists are trained and properly equipped to get it done safely.

    Attempting window cleaning in tall buildings puts inexperienced cleaners at great risk. They’re unaware of the precautionary measures needed to prevent accidents.

    Positive image

    Curb appeal is a real thing. You can impress a visitor from the outside with clean and clear windows. By the time a person enters your facility, they’ve already got a stellar impression of you!

    Dirty windows signify poor business practices. A clean and tidy office with shiny, sparkly windows, suggests a sophisticated workplace.

    Our commercial cleaners will ensure that your office spaces, including windows, are spotless.

    Superior building maintenance

    A commercial property is designed using top-notch products. It’s only right to maintain it in the same condition.

    It’s especially true for windowsdirt and debris can build up, giving it a flaky appearance. If ignored, it can take away the shine. Routine cleaning is important, or you’ll be left with no option but to replace the affected windows.

    Never ignore your windows! Call our experienced staff right away to ensure that every nook and corner of your office space is cleaned. We offer estimates tailored to your service.

  5. Utilizing Technology To Optimize Our Janitorial Services in Kansas City Part 2

    When it comes to optimizing your facility and its overall cleanliness, chances are that you are seeking commercial cleaning services that are reliable, versatile, and affordable. Modern advances in technology and training have raised the bar for how office cleaning services should be handled, and it often falls on the property manager to find and hire the best commercial cleaning company in their area. Crystal Clear Enterprise is here to supply your Top Rated Local® janitorial services to the Kansas City area, delivering quality with every task to Missouri businesses. Our dedication to accuracy and consistency ensure that our customers receive the best possible outcome. Professional cleaning services should be seen as an investment, or a tool that helps your business shine while minimizing issues and reducing overhead costs.

    Every task we take on is done with the best training and technology in the industry. Today, we’ll continue to look at the advantages that our modern cleaning technology can bring your business, as well as the importance of receiving the most beneficial outcome with every dollar spent. If your facility is in need of office cleaning services, be sure to contact the professionals at Crystal Clear!

    In-Depth Analysis

    Giving our supervisors the ability to monitor their sites in a comprehensive format helps to ensure that our clients are never at a disadvantage when it comes to negative patterns and damaging practices. While incidents and requests are handled in an accurate, efficient manner, it’s equally important to be able to utilize large-scale planning and raw data to hone operations for better efficiency and safety in the future. Crystal Clear’s project scheduler schedules and monitors every facility task to ensure that everything is done correctly and on time. All processes done on-site will also be actively monitored to ensure airtight contract compliance with each of our clients.

    Projecting future outcomes is one handy way of working with our clients to ensure the best outcome for everyone involved. Each supervisor is equipped with our modern technology to populate and print the projected forecast for our customers to keep everyone in line with where their facility is at. Any areas that are lacking in efficiency will be analyzed and a strategy will be brought to the property manager for how to best rectify the problem. Solving small-scale inefficiencies will add up to great benefits for your business in the long run!

    Complete Quality Control

    Managing and ensuring quality is what helps make us an authority in janitorial services. We make sure each site has its own unique inspection forms that conform to the facility’s requirements, as well as our own. Quality checks are done by an inspector to ensure that every area of your building meets our rigorous standards. Each task and area are reviewed, and if any shortcomings are discovered, a correction procedure is tasked to the site’s supervisor for fast and effective changes. This audit essentially checks every aspect of your facility’s cleaning program to ensure that each area and task are up to code.

    Our dedication to quality control doesn’t stop at internal audits. Crystal Clear proudly provides clients with quality control forms to ensure that our customers have the chance to speak up if they are dissatisfied with any aspect of the property. This is done to hold our employees to the highest standards for office cleaning, where no shortcuts will be tolerated.

    Quality from the Ground Up

    All of our technology would be futile without a team of highly trained individuals that work to improve operations and optimize training on a daily basis. By investing in our janitorial specialists, we are able to deliver services that are complete, consistent, and cost-effective. Modern technology helps us to optimize our operations, yet this tech is unmatched by the value brought by our cleaning experts.

    Crystal Clear Enterprise is proud to provide quality and pride to each of our customer’s facilities. From comprehensive carpet cleaning to maintenance and even lawn care, our commercial cleaning company is here to do it all! For more than two decades, Crystal Clear has provided top-tier janitorial services to Kansas City businesses. Our focus on delivering the highest in quality has helped to make us a top choice in Missouri. Contact us today to see how we can help your office shine!

  6. Stripping and Waxing Increases Lifespan of Commercial Floors

    Have you ever been to an office that has yellowing floors? You probably also remember feeling unpleasant about being there.

    That’s how visitors will feel if your commercial floors are unkempt. Clean and neat floor tiles are the biggest indicators of sanitary condition at your facility.

    If you’re negligent about floor care and maintenance, they will turn into yellowing, dull-looking floors. Avoid embarrassment by hiring a commercial floor cleaning service for routine cleaning.

    For floors that are old or ‘look old’, try floor stripping and waxing services. It can help restore their original beauty.

    Floor maintenance and cleaning

    It begins with floor stripping. It helps get rid of stains and eliminate the dull haze. Once that is out of the way, the floor will look brand new.


    Stripping is done in four stages:

    • Step #1: Stripping product is applied over the expanse of the floor for limited time duration.
    • Step #2: It is then scrubbed to loosen dust particles and debris accumulated over the surface.
    • Step #3: The stripping product and the old finish are wiped away.
    • Step #4: Floor is rinsed with water and a new layer of finish is applied.


    You may be wondering if there’s any point of waxing when the floor is already cleaned by stripping. While stripping cleans the floor, waxing protects it from dirt and debris.

    Waxing preserves floor, preventing moisture and humidity from getting to the surface. It also reduces risk of stains in case colored substances accidently get splashed on the floor.

    Moreover, waxing adds a shiny layer, giving a glossy look to the floor. It also guards the floor against scratches, abrasions. If waxing is performed by experienced hands, it may mask imperfections such as creases and grooves.

    Combined services

    Stripping and waxing must always be done together. Stripping can help clean the floor but if it’s not protected right away, it will gather dirt in grooves and spaces.

    Waxing may add shine and strength but without stripping, it will only solidify the dirt underneath.

    In combination, these services can help clean and maintain the floor, thereby increasing its life span. If floors are not maintained through routine stripping and waxing, they will look spoiled and old within a short term.

    Once the damage is past the control limit, you’ll have no choice except replacing the floor. Call our experienced cleaners for top notch floor care services. As a commercial floor cleaning company, we offer stripping and waxing, top scrub and recoat, scrub and rinse, scrub and buff, and tile and grout cleaning services.

  7. The Contribution of Cleaning Services to Building Maintenance

    A sparkling floor, pristine desks and fresh smelling restrooms can do wonders!

    If you’re managing a business facility or another commercial space, you want to ensure that it feels welcoming. Adopting a green cleaning strategy, you can improve the facility’s appearance, worker performance and occupant health.

    Hiring a professional cleaning service, like Crystal Clear Enterprise, Inc., for all the cleaning and maintenance tasks will help centralize the efforts. You can then focus on the key mission of your business.

    Commercial janitorial and cleaning services

    These services address your facility’s day to day needs such as sanitizing and disinfecting bathrooms, offices, and kitchens. High contact surfaces are hotbeds of germs that ultimately result in absenteeism and poor performance.

    Superior results can be obtained by hiring an experienced cleaning agency in Kansas City.

    Our restroom sanitation program and scrub and rinse services are incorporated to ensure a germ-free space. We have the right products and trained staff to help keep the spaces clean and healthy.

    Carpet and upholstery cleaning

    Furniture, carpets and rugs act as traps for dirt, debris and germs. The indoor environment suffers if they’re not taken care of. Routine cleaning through dusting, washing and vacuuming are necessary to maintain the space.

    Moreover, these trapped particles get released in the environment from time to time. This affects the indoor air quality and may contribute to respiratory issues and allergies.

    Our staff washes office furniture and upholstery, and cleans the carpets and rugs to ensure no contamination enters the indoor air supply.

    Floor care and restoration

    Routine floor care and maintenance improves the image of your commercial facility. It also helps eliminate dirt and bacteria buildup, reducing chances of slip and fall injuries.

    High efficiency scrubbers reduce time required for cleaning without compromising on quality. We are well-equipped to offer top quality floor cleaning services, meeting the mandatory sanitation standards.

    Buffing, floor stripping and waxing services are combined to offer fool proof protection. These services also help repair damage following harsh weather conditions such as heavy rainfall and snow.

    The Bottom Line

    Professional cleaning is a smart and cost-effective alternative for overall improvement is appearance and work performance.

    We help you achieve your cleaning and maintenance goals! Hire our commercial cleaning service today to receive comprehensive care at highly affordable costs. Call at 816 763 3353 or fill out the online form.

  8. The Dirtiest Parts of Your Office!

    Germs and dirt are the most common cause of absenteeism in professional spaces. There is a high chance your office building isn’t as clean as you think.

    From indoor air to the very bench you eat your food, everything can make you sick. Cleaning them is a task better left to professionals.

    Poor hygiene and inexperienced cleaning equally contribute to health risk. If you want to get rid of these problems, our commercial cleaning service can help.

    We get to the grossest areas, ridding them of germs and debris. Like everything else, it starts with the front door!

    Front door

    What is the one thing everyone uses and no one cares to clean? The front door handle.

    Even though it’s on the entrance, it’s one of the most under-sanitized areas in an office. It is the first thing every employee usesevery day! And, how often is it cleaned? Not enough.

    Bacteria and viruses are easily transferred because of this. Imagine an employee with flu using the handle and the next person to come in uses it again. This person is unaware of the disease potentially transferred to him simply by opening the door.

    Break room

    The toilet seats, in most cases, are cleaner than pretty much everything in the break room. Yet, we clean the seat and nothing in the break room.

    The grossest locations include used sponges, coffee cups (even the ones cleaned with sponges), sink faucet handle, sink, tables and counter tops, coffee pot handle, water cooler handle/buttons, vending machine buttons, and microwave and refrigerator door handle.

    We make sure nothing that is frequently touched in your office remains untouched by our top cleaning supplies.

    Personal desks

    This one primarily depends on your personal hygiene. But if you’ve hired an individual to clean the desks and they’re not equipped to do it right, the fault may be with the cleaning.

    It’s likely that the garbage bin under the desks have fewer germs compared to the desk surface. Keyboard, computer mice, office phone, headphones and associated areas are full of germs.

    Every time you use them, you’re risking your health. Our staff is well-equipped to find and get rid of dirt and debris from nooks.

    Other areas

    Even with the best hygiene practices, you’re likely to encounter germs through high-contact surfaces. Various areas in the rest of the building such as elevator buttons, kiosks, escalator trails, paring meters, and vending machines are included.

    Commercial cleaning practices

    It’s important that the company you hire trains their employees to deliver top quality services. We maintain high standards, ensuring a safe working environment for all occupants.

    We’re reputed for our professional cleaning services in Missouri. We ensure high customer satisfaction by employing advanced equipment and latest cleaning techniques. Calculate service estimates here.

  9. What You Should Know About Crystal Clear’s Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

    There was a time when you could only picture carpeted floors and upholstered furniture for commercial spaces. Millennials have taken commercial designing up a notch. What was once considered classic has now become fashionable!

    For instance, tile and grout flooring was only used in high traffic areas. But these flooring options are now becoming increasingly commonplace. These are resistant to several issues that may ruin a carpet.

    However, this doesn’t mean you should expect a long life for these floors without investing in proper cleaning and maintenance. At Crystal Clear, we make sure you have healthy looking floors in almost no time!

    Cleaning tile and grout floors the Crystal Clear way!

    Our cleaning processes ensure thorough dirt extraction, cleaning and protecting the tired-looking tiles. Proper cleaning helps eliminate the expense of floor replacement.

    So, where does it begin? We start with a detailed inspection to determine the right cleaning procedure. Following this, our experienced staff uses high-tech equipment to clean the floor. We combine the equipment with advanced techniques so the best outcome can be achieved.

    We recommend combining stripping and waxing with floor cleaning. This helps extract the dirt that is settled deep into grooves and cracks. Waxing can help restore the shine once the cleaning is done.

    Traffic is an important factor when it comes to cleaning. You expect heavy traffic at certain times during the day and on some special occasions. This can leave some areas of the flooring more affected than others.

    Moreover, spills and stains may appear more frequently in those times. They can quickly transform a beautifully designed floor into an unappealing, messy surface. Fret not; there’s nothing our technicians can’t take care of!

    High pressure water and vacuuming is combined to suction the deeply set dirt. For an average sized room, the process will take 30 to 60 minutes. If your business has a large expanse of tiled floor, it will take more time.

    Overall, the time required for effective tile and grout cleaning depends on the size of the area, amount of soil or dirt, and space configuration.

    Conclusively, routine cleaning and maintenance can prevent damage beyond repair. It can restore the tiled floor to its original charm, leaving it sparkling anew.

    For a gentle but thorough cleaning, hire our floor care services. Our tile and grout cleaning services are reputed and known throughout Kansas. Call us today at 816 763 3353 and see for yourself!

  10. Which Carpet Cleaning Method Is Better For Your Commercial Facility?

    Carpet cleaning seems like an easy task; a bit laborious but not too complicated, right?

    Well, that isn’t so. When you hire a service for cleaning carpets at your commercial facility, the first question comes down to: which type of carpet cleaning would you prefer?

    There are several different methods of carpet cleaning. While we help, our clients identify the method best for their facility, it’s useful to have some basic know-how.

    So, let’s begin with a few methods and what they have to offer:

    Hot water extraction/wet cleaning/steam cleaning

    It is a widely used and recommended method. The carpet is initially preconditioned using a chemical reagent. It helps liquefy the soil as well as other oil-based substances hiding in between the carpet fibers.

    Water heated to near boiling and pressurized is then injected over the carpet. Almost 10 to 15 minutes later, it is extracted using a vacuum.

    This method is good to get soiling out of the carpet. It also allows using high pressure, temperature and chemical concentrates for proper cleaning.

    It gives enough time so that the cleaning solvents can extract the filth out. Agitation further facilitates chemical reactivity.

    Bonnet cleaning

    It is used for light maintenance and routine cleaning. The carpet is vacuumed before spraying a chemical reagent with an electric sprayer or a hand pump.

    The chemical can stay for some time to allow the reaction.

    A bonnet or an absorbent pad is paced over a rotary floor machine, which is then spun over the carpet at a specific speed. It drives the chemical in the fibers and picks it back up with soil and dirt.

    It is a simple, fast and inexpensive method, offering excellent results for lightly soiled carpets.

    Rotary shampoo method

    In order to help suspend dust and debris, comical agent is applied over the carpet surface. It is then whipped into foam, worked into fibers using the rotating brushes of a rotary machine and extracted using a vacuum.

    It’s a simple and fast method where rotating brushes play an important role in providing agitation for cleaning. A little bit of moisture ensures fast carpet drying.

    All these methods can be used, depending on how soiled a carpet is and how quickly you want it cleaned. Moreover, carpets in different office spacers may require you to employ different methods.

    Call our experts for quick and effective office carpet cleaning. We offer all the above-stated methods, along with dry cleaning and low moisture carpet cleaning.

    All our carpet cleaning services include a pre-clean, thorough cleaning and dry vacuuming. Check out more information about our services or dial 816 763 3353 for service requests.