1. Tips To Maintain An Inviting Floor Finish

    While you may not be paying attention to the floor beneath your feet, it works as a barometer by which visitors judge the cleanliness of your commercial space. It shapes the perceptions of your potential customers, partners and even employees.

    Think about it: a dirty and dull floor will seldom attract a deal. It is important that you maintain a shiny finish. And no, this doesn’t mean recoating the floor time and again. You can maintain the bright finish with a few simple tricks, and create a lasting impression.

    Place walk-off mats to keep the dust away

    What’s the source of dust and debris? Every foot that enters the place! A walk-off mat at the entryway will keep dust at bay. It will also keep the floor dry. This will extend the life of your floor’s finish, while maintaining its polished look.

    Make sure these mats are cleaned regularly too. Otherwise, the trapped dirt will escape to the surrounding areas.

    Regular cleaning is necessary

    A routine cleaning program can prevent damage by protecting the finish. Simple sweeping, dusting and mopping can do the trick. It will help get rid of soil and dirt that can potentially peel off the finish.

    Once clean, the floors should be mopped to scrub off any particles left behind. Beware of overly wet mops though; they can leave floors wet and dirty. Also, there are cleaners after which the floors must be rinsed with water and then there are no-rinse products. We can help you choose!

    Restore floor shine with buff or burnish

    These process help restore the former gloss and shine by simply polishing the floor. A machine and a pad are used for this purpose.

    Burnishing machines have rougher pads and higher rotation speeds. It’s more effective than low speed buffing. Frequency of these methods is often determined per the type of floor and maintenance schedules.

    Scrub and recoat

    If buffing and burnishing don’t help, you may want to go ahead with scrubbing and recoating. The amount of traffic in an area of facility will help determine how frequently floor finish needs to be recoated.

    This must be carried out after a deep scrub and proper rinsing. Three to five layers must be applied for proper recoat. Thin coats evenly applied to the floor allow proper finish formation, improved durability and greater strength.

    Restorative floor care services

    These services can help you with darkened or yellowed floors. It can happen despite routine cleaning. There are various cleaning and maintenance methods that are used in combination to restore floor shine.

    Our commercial floor cleaning services encompass an array of methods and deep cleaning procedures that help maintain your floor’s finish. Call us today to request our scrub and rinse services or design a personalized floor care regimen.

  2. Improving Floor Safety at Your Commercial Facility

    People slip, trip and fall every day.

    But if high number of slips and falls are being reported in your facility, you might want to investigate the matter. It’s only a matter of time, till minor slips turn to major falls.

    How can you promote safety at the workplace?

    Needless to say, slip and fall hazards have a potential t cause serious injuries. This can result in absenteeism too.

    As a facility manager, you have the responsibility to keep the workplace safe for employees. Custodial staff or a janitorial service hired for cleaning is equally responsible to maintain these spaces.

    Scrub and rinse services can remove dust, get rid of spills and stains, and maintain clean floors. This is one way to minimize these hazards. Other services including vacuuming and office carpet cleaning can further help promote safety.

    Hiring a reliable janitorial cleaning service

    While the absence of cleaning programs can create huge risks, cleaning itself can be a problem too. Not all detergents are meant to work well with water. Moreover, some chemicals may not be suitable for a commercial space due to oily or viscous nature.

    If left behind due to improper mopping, these can trip workers too. This is why it’s important to hire experienced people to do the job. After all, you won’t hire an

    IT guy to look after your finances, right?

    Take proper safety steps

    Make sure the cleaners sweep or vacuum under cubicles. This will get all the dust out and prevent its escape from time to time.

    Dry vacuuming may be a good idea for some floors. There are separate cleaning programs for specialty floors too.

    Stripping and waxing, if done in a timely manner, can help preserve the integrity of the floor. It can also prevent dust from being trapped in between spaces.

    A scrapper mat placed outside the entrance can keep the dust out. This is even more useful during the winter season. Add a walk-off mat to the lobby and the snow will no longer melt on your floors.

    Hire a commercial floor cleaning service that can follow a floor care regimen for proper cleaning and maintenance.

    If you’re looking for a cleaning company, you’re at the right place! Opt for our floor care and janitorial services today.

  3. Evolution of Commercial Cleaning Practices, Equipment And Services

    Commercial cleaning has always been important for a business. Whether you manage a factory or a superstore, ensuring proper cleaning remains a necessary part of the job.

    But service providers and cleaning methods were not always the same. In fact, with time and technologically, everything has improved for the better.

    Initially, only huge privately-owned companies were hired for service. However, the atmosphere has changed and locally owned companies are now increasingly valued. Superior cleaning, friendly staff and quick adoption of newer solutions are some of the few reasons for this change.

    Improved technologies

    Equipment and cleaning supplies have changed significantly from what was being used some 20 to 50 years ago. Advanced commercial cleaning methods require top notch equipment and environment friendly ingredients.

    No other area has perhaps seen more change than carpet cleaning. Google ‘commercial carpet cleaning’ and you’ll find an array of methods currently employed by companies. Even at Crystal Clear, we offer five different carpet cleaning solutions.

    Newer solutions have improved effectiveness. They have led way to safer and easy-to-use chemicals. These technologies are cost-effective and have less impact on the environment.

    Focus on safety and hygiene

    We all know that cleanliness isn’t just about the appearance. It’s true that clean facilities leave a better first impression. But it also boosts safety and hygiene.

    For instance, maintaining a cleaning regimen can:

    • Keep floor tiles from becoming sticky and slippery
    • Prevent transfer of germs through cleaned glass windows and doors
    • Remove allergens, including various kinds of pollutants from carpets
    • Ensure that all glass doors and windows are safe and stable

    While hygiene has always been an important focus area of commercial cleaning, nowhere in history has it been more important than today! It’s necessary for businesses to follow safety regulations imposed by various governmental and non-governmental organizations.

    Specialized services

    Our professional cleaning company doesn’t offer services through untrained employees. We have trained staff for each of our service categories. They’ve been trained to work with the relevant equipment, so they can offer you tailored services.

    By offering janitorial, floor care and office carpet cleaning services, our company can provide an individual cleaning regimen for your commercial space. We’re not in it to just earn a paycheck; we want to make a difference by helping you improve the aesthetic of your work environment.

    In addition, we offer a list of specialty services, including:

    • Restroom Sanitation Program
    • Vacuuming Under Computer Room Floors
    • Wash Fluorescent Lights
    • Replace Burned Out Lights
    • Wash Office Furniture & Upholstery
    • Commercial Pest Control
    • Commercial Window Cleaning Services
    • Painting
    • Lawn Care
    • Detail Cleaning
    • Construction Clean-Up (janitorial clients only)
    • Light Duty Maintenance

    To request any of these services, just dial 816 763 3353. We’re one of the leading cleaning agencies in Kansas City; you won’t be disappointed!

  4. Scoring that Perfect First Impression: Is Your Office Setting Making a Lasting Impact?

    Making a good impression on customers is important for all businesses.

    Customers will be drawn towards a presentable workplace. They get the idea that the company is both organized and efficient.

    Don’t lose potential customers / employees because of the poor sanitation and unorganized work space.

    The First Impression – Make or Break

    You might underestimate how much customers notice.

    As soon as they enter the building, they become aware of the lack of attention given to maintenance. This could discourage them from doing business with your company.

    Cleanliness & Professionalism

    Cleanliness and professionalism are linked. Customers will associate the environment with the operations of your business.

    They could be put off by a laidback attitude towards cleanliness. Don’t drive away customers; put in extra effort to ensure the office is well kept at all times. Make sure the office is free of clutter—especially the reception / waiting area. The floors should be free of dirt; furniture, free of dust.

    Creates A Pleasant Environment

    Cleanliness creates a pleasant environment for both your customers and employees. A place that looks clean and fresh feels welcoming. It is sure to give out a positive vibe.

    One idea is to place plants around the office; this will definitely brighten up the mood of anyone that enters the premises. A healthy work environment induces better workflow.

    How A Professional Cleaning Service Can Help

    Hiring a professional cleaning service for your company has several benefits.

    They are likely to have all the necessary tools to ensure every corner of the building is cleaned properly.

    Different kinds of surfaces require distinct cleaning methods for it to be effective. Only a cleaning service with experience will know the right methods to use.

    Because the resources of the business are already focused towards other departments, it is a good option to hand over this responsibility to a reliable source.

    Get the Services You Need

    We help you maintain your workplace and keep the atmosphere looking clean and fresh! You can avail all kinds of services including office carpet cleaning, restroom sanitation, floor care, window cleaning and any other commercial cleaning services.

    Instead of wasting funds on ineffective in-house cleaning, let us know your budget and we will take care of the rest! Let your office make a lasting impression!

  5. Furniture Care Tips From Your Commercial Cleaning Company

    When it comes to the furniture inhabiting your office building, we’re betting that you are not up late at night worrying over each piece’s condition. While the furniture in your building is probably built to high standards in order to provide years of daily use, constant wear and tear begin to take its toll on every chair, desk, and so on. Each element of furniture holds a specific purpose that serves to enhance and provide support during regular work functions. If your furniture begins to break down, the disruption of workflow and price tag that comes with replacements can cause a serious headache. Hiring professional cleaning services for your corporate building is one easy way to maximize the lifespan of all of your building’s interior elements, from the carpets to the ceiling and beyond.

    Crystal Clear Enterprises is here to provide unbeatable janitorial services to Kansas City businesses. By focusing on the best technology and janitorial practices, our professional office cleaning crew is able to provide optimal solutions to keep your operations running clean and efficiently. Today, we’ll look at a few furniture tips that may prove useful in the long-term for the longevity of your office furnishings. When you’re ready to benefit from your Top Rated Local® janitorial services, be sure to give us a call!

    Setting the Scene

    The habitat that your furniture resides in will help to determine its life expectancy. Industry authorities have set the standards, suggesting that your office resides between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are following OSHA recommendations (68-77°), this should not be a problem. The moisture in your building will also play into the condition of all of your furniture. Striking the right balance between too dry and too moist is an important task for any property manager. When too much moisture reaches your furniture, it can begin to deteriorate and mold. Excess moisture can also create a host of air quality issues in the HVAC system, leading toward system-wide problems such as sick building syndrome (SBS). If the moisture in your office exceeds 60-percent, people and furniture will begin to suffer!

    Keeping Everything in Place

    The placement of office furniture can also have a big effect on the equipment’s life expectancy. Placing chairs in the sunshine, for example, can cause premature wear and sun damage. Leaving your furniture next to the air vents can create conditional hazards. Remember that small issues can lead to long-term issues due to the heavy use of each furniture piece. If a table is not completely flat and level, for example, daily wear and tear can create premature damages that may be costly or even unsafe in the office. Placing your furniture in safe, secure locations can do much to ensure its longevity.

    Maintenance Measures

    Checking your furniture hardware occasionally can help to prevent untimely breakdowns. One practice that may prove helpful in your office is checking the bolts and screws on office chairs every six months. The same practice can be done for desks, as daily use can place quite the workload on any piece of office furniture. This will help to avoid preventable repairs while also ensuring better safety practices for your building.

    Optimal Cleaning Practices

    Several factors play into which cleaning style is the best practice for your furniture. The material, for example, will dictate what type of cleaning agent will be used and how it will be applied. It’s important to utilize the right cleaning tools for the job. Any use of harsh chemicals should be approved beforehand in order to avoid any costly or hazardous mistakes. Caring for upholstered furniture can prove even more complicated, necessitating the need to follow care instructions thoroughly. Our commercial cleaning company can be very helpful for this endeavor!

    Creating the perfect office care plan can be very complex, but it is often well worth the effort. This can be especially true for your office furniture, as poor maintenance measures can equate to costly repairs and unnecessary workplace risks. Those looking for unbeatable janitorial services in Kansas City can benefit from our top-notch commercial cleaning. Our attention to detail and focus on the end result ensures that your office receives optimal services every time we arrive on the scene. Crystal Clear Enterprises offers a wide range of other specialty and carpet cleaning services to provide a one-stop-shop for property managers. Contact us today to learn more about our unbeatable janitorial services!

  6. Save Money And Make Your Workplace Look Presentable—All At The Same Time!

    Are you tired of the boring old look of your office? Maybe it’s time you brought about a change. It will surely rejuvenate your workplace and boost employee morale.

    Getting renovations done will cost you a lot of time and money. A better option here would be to make some basic changes around the building that will help make a prominent difference.

    Replace the Burned Out Light Bulbs

    Burned out light bulbs will not only make the workplace appear dull, but also demotivates the employees.

    This is because all kinds of work requires ample amount of lighting, so the employees can feel alert. The costs are minimal and will have an overall positive effect.

    Use Nature to Your Advantage

    Plants will add some life to your surroundings.

    Not only is it good for your health to keep plants in your environment, but it will also feel refreshing to your workers.

    This gift of nature will add color and help in making your office look elegant. If you are looking for a plant that requires very little care, cactus is a good option.

    Add Some Color

    Color is essential when trying to brighten up a place. You don’t have to go all out and paint the entire building; you can simply add color to some areas.

    A good way to about this would be to paint the shelves and desks. This way it will not be too elaborate and at the same time will make a huge difference.

    Another way to add color to your work area would be to make use of colorful folders and boxes for organizing items at the office.

    This will help you organize the area as well as give a vibrant look.

    Keep the Lawn Looking Its Best

    Having a lawn outside your office building is a good way to make it appear classy. This is the first thing your visitors will see when approaching your building.

    If not well maintained, the lawn will however not serve its purpose. The way to give your lawn the attention it needs would be to call in a professional for weekly maintenance. Lawn care is essential to the way your office appears to others.

    Save On Costly Cleaning Supplies

    Certain organizations invest in cleaning supplies for the upkeep of their building. However, because they lack knowledge about the right kind of cleaning methods and products, this is not a good idea.

    Instead of wasting money on products that are not even effective, leave this to a professional cleaning agency.

    The cleanliness of your workplace is an essential task. That is why Crystal Clear provides all the services you need to keep your office looking presentable. Our business works per your janitorial requirements. We also provide you with any kind of guidance and ideas that can help transform your work area.

  7. Making Office Cleaning a Part of Your Corporate Culture!

    It’s 9 a.m. You step into your workplace elevator. As you make your way into your office, where you will be spending the rest of the day, you notice a pile of papers lying right at the entrance.

    All desks around are cluttered with files.

    The plants that were supposed to add an aesthetic appeal now appears wilted and soiled.

    How can you change this?

    Start from The Top

    Any kind of change needed to be brought about in the company needs to start from the top of the hierarchy. Conduct a meeting with the senior management team and discuss exactly what changes are required.

    Formulate a new mission statement. This will outline what your goal is and how your company can achieve this goal. Once the objective is clear to the managers, it will be easier to implement the policy.

    The office has a certain hierarchy and you need to start at the top, working downwards. Make sure employees at each level are made aware of the changes. Only this way can your idea be embraced by the organization as a whole.

    Cleanliness & Productivity

    When your home is neat and tidy, is gives you a sense of comfort. You naturally feel better. An office environment functions in the same manner.

    If the office premise is not kept clean, your employees’ productivity suffers.

    The productivity of your organizations is connected to the cleanliness of your building. There are a number of reasons behind this.

    Firstly, your workers will not feel motivated. The poor maintenance will result in a laid back attitude and lack of professionalism.

    An environment that isn’t clean and germ free will also cause a number of illnesses among employees. This way the rate of absenteeism will be higher. The overall operations of the company will be at risk. For these reasons, the maintenance of your workplace should be the prime focus.

    Taking the Initiative

    Company culture is so deeply embedded in the minds of individuals that it becomes nearly impossible to bring about a change in attitude.

    After a certain amount of time, behavior becomes almost instinctive. And thus everyone has become accustomed to carrying out tasks in a particular way.

    So who should take the first step? If you will not speak up to implement a positive change in the workplace then nobody else will. Change is always gradual, especially when trying to alter the corporate culture of an organization. But you have to start somewhere!

    Employee Involvement

    Another important step is to involve employees when trying to make a difference in the company. Encourage them to put forward any ideas they might have.

    Nobody knows the functions of your organization better than your workers no matter what level they are working at. If they are made part of the decision making, they will also participate in implementing the ideas. This will make your job a whole lot easier.

    Start this by teaming up with the most reliable commercial cleaning agency. Crystal Clear will be your saving grace when it comes to the maintenance of your office. Bring about this positive change in your corporate culture with the help of our professional team.

  8. Looking At Carpet Retirement With Your Professional Carpet Cleaners

    While that carpet that you wisely invested in has held strong over the past years, it’s known that nothing lasts forever. Based on rough calculations, the average lifespan of commercial carpet lasts seven years, with numerous factors either adding or subtracting to this life expectancy. While the industry standard sets a useful range of two to four decades, many professionals have accepted that this is not an accurate expectation. When it comes time to replace your company’s carpets, a lot of planning and budgeting will need to be done for replacements. As a top provider of carpet cleaning services in Kansas City, Crystal Clear Enterprises is here to help your business shine. Our commercial floor cleaning experts strive to exceed your high expectations with quality results at a quality price. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the notion of laying your old carpet to rest and the benefits that our floor cleaning services can provide.

    Extending Carpet Capabilities

    People notice when your building’s carpets are old and dingy. From that odd smell to the myriad of stains and damages, your flooring will definitely make an impression on employees and guests. While it may look like a trainwreck, your carpets may actually be able to provide further service. Get in touch with our professional carpet cleaning technicians today for an inspection. A deep clean and restoration may be possible to keep your flooring looking good and more money in your account. We will have to closely inspect the carpet, though, because it may not be worth the time and investment to restore carpet that cannot be beautified.

    Avoiding Premature Replacement

    One common nugget of knowledge about commercial carpeting is that it can be very costly. Because of this, it is vitally important to utilize your flooring investment until it is truly ready to retire. Otherwise, you may be throwing money away on prematurely purchasing new, costly fabrics! Some business owners claim that it is more economical to simply pay for the carpet, avoid professional maintenance, and simply replace it when it is time. Crystal Clear is here to state that proper carpet maintenance and care is far more cost-effective, prolonging your carpet’s demise for years. Our carpet cleaning services can give your Kansas City business a reliable shine that keeps your investment safe for years.

    Matching Your Unique Business

    Every business is different, with unique services, building structures, and requirements. Creating a customized maintenance plan is vital for ensuring visitor satisfaction concerning your building’s floors. Carpet care, in particular, is one service that should be left to the professionals. Finding a carpet company that is dedicated to the long-term success of your facility is helpful for creating clean, healthy floors that will sparkle for years and impress visitors in the process.

    Crystal Clear is proud to have provided quality carpet cleaning services to Kansas City companies for the past 20 years. By focusing on customer satisfaction and optimal employee training, we are able to provide the best carpet cleaning services in Kansas City. Our laser focus on safety and quality ensures that your facilities are always clean and presentable. Contact us today to see what you can do for your building!

  9. Is Your Restroom Germ-Free?

    An Environmental microbiologist from the University of Arizona, Dr. Charles Gerba, discovered that the average office toilet seat had 49 germs per square inch. Restrooms are the most germ-ridden places in your building.

    This is because we often ignore the simple ways in which we can avoid the buildup of bacteria.

    Since there are a number of employees using the restroom on a daily basis, you need to take certain measures to maintain its cleanliness.

    Why Is It Important?

    Unsanitary restrooms become home to bacteria that can cause a number of diseases and illnesses.

    And that is why they need to be cleaned on a daily basis. Another reason to keep your restroom germ-free is that it can demotivate employees.

    The bacteria can cause your employees to get sick more often. This will reduce productivity and increase absenteeism.

    What to Pay Special Attention To

    There are certain places in the restroom that need special attention; this is because these areas are most likely to have germ buildup.

    The toilet seat has the most germs. It is important that a strong cleaner is applied on the inside of the rim.

    Scrubbing the inside of the toilet is necessary and any other place that might have stubborn residue.

    The bathroom sink is another area that needs to be thoroughly sanitized. Many people touch the bathroom sink to wash their hands; which is why germs are often left behind.

    Lay Down Some Rules

    An important aspect of cleanliness is to ensure that everyone is on board with the approach. Make a list of certain rules that the employees need to follow when using the bathroom in order to minimize the harmful bacteria growth. These rules can include:

    • Putting the seat cover down after using
    • Making sure to flush
    • Throwing napkins in the bin and not on the floor
    • Washing hands
    • Using air fresheners to prevent odor

    Why You Should Hire a Professional

    The best way to ensure your restrooms are clean and sanitary is to contact a professional cleaning service.

    Clear provides quality cleaning services including carpet cleaning, janitorial services, window cleaning and many more specialty services. Get your office sanitized now. Give us a call, and we’ll create a janitorial plan for your office space.

  10. Cleaning, Sanitizing, And Disinfecting With Your Commercial Cleaning Company

    When it comes to the cleanliness of your Missouri business, it’s important to utilize the proper technique for each type of surface you will encounter. For many establishments, being clean includes the use of more than your basic cleaning supplies. Based on the purpose of the area being used, you as a property manager will need a commercial cleaning company that knows when and what to use to optimize safety while avoiding unnecessary costs. Crystal Clear Enterprises is proud to be a top provider of quality janitorial services in the Kansas City area. From the floors to the ceiling, your building may require specialized attention to keep everything clean and pristine. Today, we’ll look at the difference between the cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting of surfaces and how this can benefit your workplace’s health. Anyone seeking professional cleaning services will be able to see the Crystal Clear difference when they work with us!

    Comprehensive Cleaning

    When people imagine cleaning, they are probably accurately imagining a person with a rag and cleaning agent. The act of simple cleaning aims to remove dirt, germs, and any other contaminants that do not belong on an object or surface. By using a detergent or soap in concert with H2O, our professional janitors are able to remove dirt and germs with the goal of minimizing any unhealthy agents present in the area. This is also useful for improving physical appearances; those who say not to judge a book by its cover were not referring to judging a surface by its looks!

    Satisfactory Sanitizing

    The act of sanitizing any surface includes lowering the number of germs to a safe level per public health requirements. Unlike cleaning, which moves germs, sanitizers are designed to properly sterilize a surface in 30 seconds. This can be handy in high-traffic areas such as cafeterias and restaurants or in time-sensitive settings such as a bar. If you are cleaning your property quickly and having it ready to use in less than a minute, chances are that you are benefiting from a sanitizing cleaner.

    Determined Disinfecting

    While cleaning worked to clear the area in question, it may not be fully effective for getting rid of all of those pesky germs. The same can be said for sanitizing cleaners, where a major majority of germs are wiped out in short order. Disinfecting is the process of using cleaning chemicals to effectively kill germs. This is typically done with the one goal of minimizing the risk of spreading an infection or illness. Unlike the shortened time requirement for sanitizing agents, your typical disinfectant will need to be applied for longer. This way, any and all germs are taken care of completely. While effectively eliminating any germs and other microorganisms, disinfecting often does little to aid with how clean a surface may appear.

    Knowing when to sanitize and when to disinfect a surface can be very helpful for your company’s productivity and health. Utilizing an experienced commercial cleaning company will prove very beneficial in this sector, as all of our employees are held to stringent standards. Crystal Clear Enterprises is your source for the best janitorial services in Kansas City. We strive to provide the best results across multiple industries to give our customers a safe, clean environment to thrive in. Contact us today to learn more or to receive your quote!