1. Looking At Carpet Retirement With Your Professional Carpet Cleaners

    While that carpet that you wisely invested in has held strong over the past years, it’s known that nothing lasts forever. Based on rough calculations, the average lifespan of commercial carpet lasts seven years, with numerous factors either adding or subtracting to this life expectancy. While the industry standard sets a useful range of two to four decades, many professionals have accepted that this is not an accurate expectation. When it comes time to replace your company’s carpets, a lot of planning and budgeting will need to be done for replacements. As a top provider of carpet cleaning services in Kansas City, Crystal Clear Enterprises is here to help your business shine. Our commercial floor cleaning experts strive to exceed your high expectations with quality results at a quality price. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the notion of laying your old carpet to rest and the benefits that our floor cleaning services can provide.

    Extending Carpet Capabilities

    People notice when your building’s carpets are old and dingy. From that odd smell to the myriad of stains and damages, your flooring will definitely make an impression on employees and guests. While it may look like a trainwreck, your carpets may actually be able to provide further service. Get in touch with our professional carpet cleaning technicians today for an inspection. A deep clean and restoration may be possible to keep your flooring looking good and more money in your account. We will have to closely inspect the carpet, though, because it may not be worth the time and investment to restore carpet that cannot be beautified.

    Avoiding Premature Replacement

    One common nugget of knowledge about commercial carpeting is that it can be very costly. Because of this, it is vitally important to utilize your flooring investment until it is truly ready to retire. Otherwise, you may be throwing money away on prematurely purchasing new, costly fabrics! Some business owners claim that it is more economical to simply pay for the carpet, avoid professional maintenance, and simply replace it when it is time. Crystal Clear is here to state that proper carpet maintenance and care is far more cost-effective, prolonging your carpet’s demise for years. Our carpet cleaning services can give your Kansas City business a reliable shine that keeps your investment safe for years.

    Matching Your Unique Business

    Every business is different, with unique services, building structures, and requirements. Creating a customized maintenance plan is vital for ensuring visitor satisfaction concerning your building’s floors. Carpet care, in particular, is one service that should be left to the professionals. Finding a carpet company that is dedicated to the long-term success of your facility is helpful for creating clean, healthy floors that will sparkle for years and impress visitors in the process.

    Crystal Clear is proud to have provided quality carpet cleaning services to Kansas City companies for the past 20 years. By focusing on customer satisfaction and optimal employee training, we are able to provide the best carpet cleaning services in Kansas City. Our laser focus on safety and quality ensures that your facilities are always clean and presentable. Contact us today to see what you can do for your building!

  2. Cleaning, Sanitizing, And Disinfecting With Your Commercial Cleaning Company

    When it comes to the cleanliness of your Missouri business, it’s important to utilize the proper technique for each type of surface you will encounter. For many establishments, being clean includes the use of more than your basic cleaning supplies. Based on the purpose of the area being used, you as a property manager will need a commercial cleaning company that knows when and what to use to optimize safety while avoiding unnecessary costs. Crystal Clear Enterprises is proud to be a top provider of quality janitorial services in the Kansas City area. From the floors to the ceiling, your building may require specialized attention to keep everything clean and pristine. Today, we’ll look at the difference between the cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting of surfaces and how this can benefit your workplace’s health. Anyone seeking professional cleaning services will be able to see the Crystal Clear difference when they work with us!

    Comprehensive Cleaning

    When people imagine cleaning, they are probably accurately imagining a person with a rag and cleaning agent. The act of simple cleaning aims to remove dirt, germs, and any other contaminants that do not belong on an object or surface. By using a detergent or soap in concert with H2O, our professional janitors are able to remove dirt and germs with the goal of minimizing any unhealthy agents present in the area. This is also useful for improving physical appearances; those who say not to judge a book by its cover were not referring to judging a surface by its looks!

    Satisfactory Sanitizing

    The act of sanitizing any surface includes lowering the number of germs to a safe level per public health requirements. Unlike cleaning, which moves germs, sanitizers are designed to properly sterilize a surface in 30 seconds. This can be handy in high-traffic areas such as cafeterias and restaurants or in time-sensitive settings such as a bar. If you are cleaning your property quickly and having it ready to use in less than a minute, chances are that you are benefiting from a sanitizing cleaner.

    Determined Disinfecting

    While cleaning worked to clear the area in question, it may not be fully effective for getting rid of all of those pesky germs. The same can be said for sanitizing cleaners, where a major majority of germs are wiped out in short order. Disinfecting is the process of using cleaning chemicals to effectively kill germs. This is typically done with the one goal of minimizing the risk of spreading an infection or illness. Unlike the shortened time requirement for sanitizing agents, your typical disinfectant will need to be applied for longer. This way, any and all germs are taken care of completely. While effectively eliminating any germs and other microorganisms, disinfecting often does little to aid with how clean a surface may appear.

    Knowing when to sanitize and when to disinfect a surface can be very helpful for your company’s productivity and health. Utilizing an experienced commercial cleaning company will prove very beneficial in this sector, as all of our employees are held to stringent standards. Crystal Clear Enterprises is your source for the best janitorial services in Kansas City. We strive to provide the best results across multiple industries to give our customers a safe, clean environment to thrive in. Contact us today to learn more or to receive your quote!

  3. 6 Ways to Inculcate Healthy Hygiene Habits in Your Kids

    One of the many things that kids do not understand early on in life is that the opposite sex highly regards the use of deodorants and toothpastes.

    Being a parent, this poses a great challenge. However, inculcating healthy hygiene habits is very important as it is very likely that these habits will stay with them for long. So, what do you do?

    We at Crystal Clear Enterprise outline six useful tips to help you teach your kids healthy hygiene habits:

    Highlight the Importance of Grooming

    Based on the age of your kid, you can introduce basic and relevant concepts. For instance, while your kid will not understand the science of infection, he/she can easily grasp the concept of germs and how they spread. In a friendly manner, make sure you educate them with at least some basic hygiene concepts.

    Make It Fun

    While you may be stressed out after a hard day of work and may not be in the mood for recreation, your kid loves to have fun at all times of the day.

    Turn some music on while you and your kids brush, or play with them with shampoo suds. Who said hygiene activities had to be boring?

    Set a Good Example

    If there is one thing that makes kids learn something quickly, it is doing it yourself first. From regularly brushing your teeth to washing your hands after each meal, make sure you perform all the hygiene activities you want your kid to follow.

    Use Digital Media to Your Advantage

    Born in the digital era, children of today love digital technology. There are quite a few apps that can motivate your kids to engage in cleaning activities in a fun manner. From storytelling to role playing, these apps incorporate features that your kids will love.

    Create Some Incentive

    From buying their favorite flavored toothpaste to their favorite cartoon themed toothbrush, there are a variety of ways you can create incentives for healthy hygiene. Adding positive reinforcement will keep your kid excited and motivated.

    Repeat, Repeat and Repeat

    It is a well-known fact that habits are formed through routine. Not only does routine make it easier for your kids to adopt hygiene habits, it also allows them to make these habits a part of their daily lives. In fact, they might even surprise you by reminding you to brush your teeth at night.

    With an aim towards good hygiene, we at Crystal Clear Enterprise offer floor care, carpet cleaning and other commercial janitorial services. For more information regarding our services, visit our website or call us at (816)763-3353.

  4. The Importance Of Professional Cleaning Services For Daycares And Schools

    Missouri residents place a high premium on the safety and health of their children. From preschool to AP Physics, young minds are hard at work to learn new skills and push their limitations to new levels. One key concern here is each child’s individual health. Desks, drinking fountains, and doorknobs all represent germ-infested threats that can put your student under the weather. Hiring on a quality commercial cleaning company can make all the difference, and we’re here to take on that challenge! Crystal Clear Enterprise is proud to offer the best janitorial services in Kansas City and beyond. Our team of office cleaning experts can work with you to create a custom plan that perfectly fits your school or daycare’s unique needs and budget. Today, we’ll look at how professional cleaning services can improve schools and daycares and how our expert team strives to deliver the best results, every time!

    Improved Learning

    Children are eager to learn, yet they can also become distracted very easily. When a facility is untidy, the results can hamper productivity. Rooms that are unorganized and messy will provide plenty of distractions for young learners. Our janitorial services can help to keep everything neat and tidy, creating an atmosphere that is focused on proper learning. Teachers will be able to quickly access materials while the pupils are on task without superfluous items getting in their way. Cleanliness creates professionalism, and young professionalism comes in the form of productive learning.

    Situational Consistency

    Kids are influenced by the environments they reside in, and the classroom happens to take up a big portion of time. When your classroom is dingy and unkempt, it will communicate to aspiring young minds that this type of environment is acceptable. Studies have shown a correlation between clean classrooms and improved academic performance. We are all creatures of habit, and getting in the habit of maintaining a healthy classroom will promote cleaner tendencies down the road. From homework to cleaning their bedroom, students who spend their time in clean facilities will tend to mirror the behaviors.

    Enhanced Health Levels

    One of the most obvious benefits of commercial cleaning is the cleanliness involved. Diseases and illnesses are commonly spread via germs and bacteria, all of which can be found in schools and daycares. Our cleaning experts will consistently and fully clean each aspect of your building to ensure that germ hotspots such as door handles and drinking fountains do not spread illness. Improper cleaning techniques can create significant health risks for students and teachers alike. Professional service ensures that your learning environment will be much cleaner, reducing the prevalence of illness and absence. When your students and staff are healthy, everyone wins!

    Maintaining a clean, professional space for learners of all ages can prove to be very beneficial. Crystal Clear Enterprise is your source for the highest quality janitorial services in Kansas City, utilizing safe practices to keep the safety of students and staff intact. For two decades, we have striven to provide the best service by utilizing innovative technology and the highest standards. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial cleaning company or to receive a quote for your facility!

  5. 5 Signs of a Highly Professional Janitorial Service

    When you know that your commercial property is unclean and you don’t have the time to oversee every tiny bit of your office’s cleaning, it’s time to hire professional janitorial services.

    With quite a few players in the industry, the choice of a suitable company can be quite difficult.

    Since your reputation is at stake, you need to hire only the best. We at Crystal Clear Enterprise outline 5 signs that will help you choose the right company:

    Use of Modern, High-Quality Tools and Equipment

    A professional janitorial service will surely use the latest cleaning equipment. Their cleaning appliances will be new and well-maintained.

    Moreover, since these professionals might be cleaning your facility during office hours, you would need to check if their equipment makes noise. Visit their office to get a better idea about their use of technology.

    Immense Experience in the Field

    While there is no guarantee that an experience janitorial service will prove to be an efficient one too, it is better to be on the safe side. If the janitorial service has been performing exceptionally well in the past, it is very likely that it will do the same when working for you.

    A good way to know about their past services is to ask for references. Talking to their previous clients will give you a good idea.

    Certified Staff

    One way to check the credibility of a company is to find out the kind of professionals they hire. Visit their office and see if the members of their staff are well-qualified and certified from reliable authorities. It is only after you have checked their credentials that you should make a decision.

    Willingness to Accommodate

    A good janitorial service must be willing to accommodate and work according to your schedule. You already have employees working in your facility; so sometimes, the janitorial professionals’ 9 to 5 services will be useless. Make sure these professionals are committed to work at your schedules by asking in advance.

    Outstanding Customer Service

    An excellent customer support service is always a good sign. Call these professionals and talk to them about their services and your needs. Their communication skills will give you a clear idea about whether to hire these professionals. If they are not friendly and accommodating, it is very unlikely that they will be in the future.

    We at Crystal Clear Enterprise have all the above qualities and more. From scrub and rinse services to floor stripping and waxing services, we have the resources to carry out all kinds of janitorial services.

    For more information regarding our services, visit our website or call us at (816) 763-3353.

  6. 5 Signs it’s Time to Hire Professional Cleaning Services for Office Cleaning

    As a business owner, your responsibilities are not just limited to ROIs and profitability. It is more than that.

    You and your employees spend an incredible amount of time in your office. While you all may be absorbed in the massive workload, the cleanliness of your office space might get compromised. You want to avoid this situation at all costs.

    We at Crystal Clear Enterprise have outlined 5 indicators to help you figure out if it’s time to hire a professional cleaning service.

    The Floors Are Getting Stickier

    Dust and grime can have quite a negative impact on the floors of your office. If they are not regularly waxed, they might get stickier. Make sure you observe the floors (you will know this when you walk on that floor). If the floors are sticky, it might be time to call in professionals.

    The Germs Are Rampant

    A place that is not cleaned regularly becomes a heaven for germs. They accumulate and linger in such places and make people sick. Some of the common conditions they might cause include common colds and flu. Moreover, if one person gets sick, others might follow—that is, they are contagious.

    It is not just high risk areas, such as bathrooms, that you need to keep clean, other places can also accumulate germs and cause illnesses. According to a study, an unclean keyboard can have as many germs as a toilet.

    Your Employees’ Productivity Levels are Negatively Impacted

    This is an extension of the point made above. It is quite well-established that working in unclean environments drops employee productivity.

    Not only does it make them sick, it also negatively affects their cognitive functioning. Therefore, if your employees are getting sick or their productivity levels are taking a dip, you might want to consider hiring professional cleaning services.

    You Deal with Bad Odors

    When your office does not get cleaned for a long time, it gives rise to bad odors in the air. These smells are a result of accumulation of dirt and bacteria. Moreover, there will be no point in covering it up. If your office persistently smells bad, it might be time to have a cleaning company take a look.

    Your Cleaning Tasks Get Postponed

    Your might have a weekly or a monthly cleaning routine to ensure that things do not go out of hand. However, if you are not getting enough time and it’s continuously getting postponed, it’s a clear sign that you should hire professional services.

    We at Crystal Clear Enterprise are one of the most reliable cleaning agencies in Kansas. From floor care services to carpet cleaning, we provide a variety of cleaning services to commercial clients. For more information regarding our services, visit our website or call us at (816) 763-3353.

  7. Common Places in Your Office That Shouldn’t Be Ignored While Cleaning

    Residing in the nastiest parts of your office, germs and bacteria can live there for quite a long time. This is the reason it’s important to have your office cleaned regularly.

    When cleaning, you might tend to ignore a few places. To help you clean your office comprehensively, we at Crystal Clear Enterprise outline some places that you might miss. Read on:

    Light Fixtures

    You might think that getting up there and removing those lights and bulbs is a hassle (which it is). Since they are not easy to clean, they tend to get ignored.

    When they get dusty, these accessories are perfect places for spiders to form their cobwebs. Surely, you do not want those cobwebs hanging around when one of your clients comes to visit.

    Carefully have your glass shades and globes taken off and washed with warm soapy water. After they have been cleaned, return them to their spots.


    Cleaning windows will not only give your office a clean appearance, it will also have a positive impact on the overall lighting of the space. Get a window cleaning wiper for the removal of dust and grime from your window. Also, don’t forget the windowsills.

    Cabinet Shelves

    Cleaning cabinet shelves can prove to be quite difficult and hence does not get the attention it deserves.

    To clean cabinet shelves, remove all the items inside and thoroughly dust them. After this, soak a piece of cloth in soapy water and wipe the shelves. Finally, change the shelf paper before returning all the items to their place.


    Without proper cleaning, your refrigerators can get quite stinky. Throwing away old and expired stuff will not do the trick. To clean it properly, take all the food items out. Also, take its drawers and shelves out. Make sure you thoroughly clean them and the interior compartments of the refrigerator thoroughly.

    Coffee Makers

    A coffee maker might be one of the most used appliances in your office. Every day, it is a subject of dirty and unclean hands. Make sure its reservoir is regularly flushed with white vinegar. Moreover, make sure its handle is cleaned every day to ensure employees’ safety.

    Hire Professionals

    If you think overseeing the responsibility of cleaning your office is cumbersome, consider hiring professional services. An efficient cleaning company ensures that they clean every nook and cranny of your office.

    We at Crystal Clear Enterprise are one of the most reliable commercial cleaning agencies in Kansas City. From carpet cleaning to floor care services, we offer all kinds of cleaning solutions for businesses.

    For more information regarding our services, visit our website or call us at (816) 763-3353.

  8. The Importance of Cleaning Medical Facilities

    Hygiene is extremely crucial in the clinical settings. It is important to prevent infections and germs in residential and commercial environments but it is more critical in healthcare surroundings. This is because the people visiting the hospitals are already prone to diseases and they are susceptible to other infectious diseases. Even perfectly well people can catch diseases if the atmosphere is unclean. Continue reading to find the importance of cleaning in medical facilities.

    Controlling Healthcare Associated Infections

    There are a huge number of toxins and infections that can spread to the patient after the surgery. The bacterial infections like MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) cause complex symptoms that are difficult to treat. Other such infections are VRE (vancomycin-resistant enterococci) and clostridium difficile. Cleaning the healthcare environment is a serious responsibility that calls out for all the surfaces in the hospitals to be non-toxic. It is imperative that the recuperating patients do not contract harmful diseases after the surgery. Otherwise, the complications could rise having devastating impact on the patients. Therefore, effective cleaning of medical care environments is required to inhibit dangerous bacterium and viruses from spreading.

    Aesthetic Appeal and Build the Trust Level of the Patients

    Other than the control of Infectious toxins and germs, cleaning the medical facilities is also beneficial in attracting and retaining patients. People would never want to take their loved to hospitals and clinics that have a bad reputation of having unclean environments. Clean hospital and medical environment look aesthetically appealing and they are able to build the trust of the patients and their loved ones. People want to feel safe and know that they will be cured. Uncontaminated healthcare settings ensure that they will not be exposed to harm.

    Achieving the Desired Patient Outcome in Invasive Procedures

    When the hospital settings are spotless, and disinfected, the doctors and surgeons can enforce better patient outcomes. A clean and toxic-free environment ascertains that all the unintended consequences that are associated with the contaminated surgical instruments and tools are avoided. The primary objective of cleaning in the surgical rooms where surgeons have to conduct invasive procedures is to prevent the spread of blood-borne pathogens in the patient, nurses and surgeons.

    Keep the Visitors Safe

    People who come to visit their sick loved ones, caregivers, nurses, loved ones, doctors, and all other people who visit the hospitals are at a risk of getting infectious diseases. A responsible medical facility will ensure that the rails, doors, knobs, floors and basically everything that an individual can come in contact with is cleaned proactively.

    The medical settings ought to be safe, clean and effective and meet the stringent industry regulations so that the toxins and bacterial infections do not spread. Extra Hands Services, Inc is a commercial cleaning company that provides thorough janitorial and disinfecting services to different medical environments. EHS ensures that the cleaning processes are efficient, safe for the humans and the environment, and surpass all the cleaning standards for healthcare settings.

  9. Why Infection Control Is Required in Eye Clinics

    There are numerous ways in which infections can spread in the ophthalmic environments. It is the responsibility of the eye-clinic authorities to maintain a clean, safe and uncontaminated environment for the visitors and the workers. The primary aim of disinfecting the eye-clinics is controlling the spread of infections.

    Some of the common eye infections like conjunctivitis and herpes simplex can cause profound impact on the patient. Such eye infections can also transmit to other people. Let’s examine the various reasons why infection control in eye clinics is important.

    Reusable Instruments Can Cause Infections to Transfer from One Patient to Another

    Reusable instruments that come in contact with the patients ought to be cleaned thoroughly and disinfected properly. This is because ophthalmic practice involves reusing the same equipment on other patients. The instruments contain infectious organisms. The infectious diseases can pass from one individual to another if preventive measures are not taken. Tonometers are instruments that should be cleaned and sterilized before and after each use. Other instruments like gonioscopy lenses and fundus lenses also ought to be cleaned according to the instructions of the manufacturer. All the equipment and instrument that is not meant for single use ought to sterilize and cleaned properly.

    The Examination Room Gets Contaminated

    Contaminations lead to infections and the eye clinic settings are full of pathogens. All the areas that come into the contact with the patient ought to be cleaned. Exam rooms get infected and contaminated. Even if you think that the surfaces are clean, they can still be contaminated. The counter surfaces, chairs, benches, doors and floors all require cleaning and disinfection. If the practitioner uses iPads, tablets and computers, then the equipment must be covered. Eye drop containers on the shelves of the exam room may also get contaminated too. Therefore, the technicians must ensure that the tips of the containers do not get into contact with the patient’s eyes or the hands of both the technician and the patient.

    Bacterial and Fungal Infections Survive in Dirt

    It is essential that the eye clinics are immaculately as dirt prevents the non-sporulating viruses and bacteria to survive instead of drying out and dying. Dirty and unclean surfaces provide and ideal space for the ground bred viruses and bacteria. Cleaning the soiled surfaces by diluting them prevents the spread of eye infections cause by such organisms. Cleaning will ensure that there is no infected debris and dirt so that everyone who comes into contact with these surfaces remains safe.

    Extra Hands Services, Inc. ensures that the infection control is done at eye clinics. The environment is cleaned, sterilized and disinfected properly so that the patients get an aesthetically pleasing ambience where there isn’t any potential harm of acquiring disease. All the dangerous bacteria is removed from the eye clinic buildings in a way that meets the industrial healthcare standards.

  10. From The Bottom Up: Cleaning Your Company’s Ceiling Tiles

    Your office comes under daily attacks from dirt and grime. From cold germs left on door handles to dirt pushing into the carpet, many businesses require professional cleaning services to keep the entire building looking clean and shiny. Office cleaning services are also beneficial for the health of employees and guests as well. Crystal Clear Enterprises is your source for any and all cleaning needs for your business. We offer quality janitorial services to Kansas City companies with an emphasis on exceeding our customers’ high standards. Our office cleaning professionals focus on every facet of your building, from the floors to the ceiling. Chances are that your building holds acoustic ceiling tiles, or those white squares with little holes across the surface. These panels are rarely considered for janitorial services, but the act of cleaning them can be very beneficial. Today, we’ll look at these benefits and whether or not your building is in need of tile cleaning. With the best services in Kansas City, we want you to be able to see the Crystal Clear difference!

    Over time, dirt, dust, and mold can infiltrate the tiles in your ceiling, causing a myriad of issues for the cleanliness of your building. Utilizing professional janitorial services for your Kansas City establishment can pay big over the next few years.

    Product Longevity

    Dirt, grime, and moisture are all negative factors that can sap the life expectancy of your tiles. Like carpets and windows in your establishment, the ceiling can also ail from dirty conditions.Simple cleanings will help to restore each tile to its original cleanliness, promoting better product longevity and usefulness. Even if these panels look worse for the wear, efforts can still be put into restoring them. Replacing tiles can be very costly, whereas professional cleaning services can pay off in the long run by reducing the replacement frequency.

    Cleanliness for Human Health

    Ceiling tiles can trap smoke, nicotine, dust, and even carbon monoxide. These pollutants can add up over time and create an unhealthy workspace for your employees. Establishments that focus on food or manufacturing will hold even more damaging contaminants. We often talk about the overall importance of keeping your team healthy, and cleaning the ceiling tiles can help to do so. Having perfectly-cleaned carpets and walls may all be for naught if your ceiling is housing a population of unhealthy contaminants!

    Reclaiming Original Ratings

    Ceiling tiles are tested to measure their acoustic uptake and fire resistance abilities. If your tiles are looking raggedy, chances are that they no longer meet their intended ratings. Full cleanings can help to oust all of the unhealthy contaminants that are impeded the product’s capabilities. Without any acoustic impediment, your office can become a hotbed of chaotic sounds and voices. Cleaning the tiles is commonly done to reduce sound’s ability to travel across the building. Fire ratings are also important for workplace safety. If your tiles are not up to speed, their ability to hamper and impede fire hazards can be quickly negated. An additional benefit will be the restoration of light reflection, making your building brighter and reducing the need for artificial lighting. These three factors can make tile cleaning well worth the effort.

    Optimal Appearance

    The most obvious negative of owning a dirty ceiling is its aesthetic quality. Grimey, stained ceiling tiles can spell disaster for your office’s clean reputation. Clients who visit will be put off by the dirt as well. First impressions are everything, and displaying a discolored, disheveled ceiling can definitely hurt your bottom line. Crystal Clear is here to offer the best cleaning solutions to ensure that this doesn’t happen!

    From the carpets at your front entrance to the ceiling tiles throughout the entire building, chances are that your business receives a lot of foot traffic. When it comes to keeping your operations clean and orderly, only the most professional commercial cleaning company will do. Crystal Clear Enterprises is your source for the best janitorial services in Kansas City. Our team of experienced professionals offers comprehensive care options, from lawn maintenance to pest control. We aim to be your one-stop-shop for all facility needs. By focusing on your unique needs and tailoring a custom plan to meet those needs, our company has built a reputation on quality and success. Contact us today for a quote and be prepared to see the Crystal Clear difference!